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(Late, late Sunday night)

Tell me what’s wrong with you now , tell me why I
Never seem to make you happy though heaven knows I try
What does it take to please you? Tell me just how
I can satisfy you woman, you’re drivin’ me wild

Break up to make up, that’s all we do
First you love me then you hate me, that’s a game for fools.
Break up to make up that’s all we do,
First you love me then you hate me, that’s a game for fools.

(Friday night)
Oh yes.  Another wild Friday night for me.  A good ol’ fashioned … er … blog party.  There’s just no way to make blogging hip.

I can’t wait until this marathon is over so I can get on with my life.  So much to do and so little time.  I saw an advertisement on the metro the other day and realized they were advertising the thing I’m working on.  Doh!  Stressed me out a little.  Must … de … bug.  One more week to go.

I have a direct report at work.  First time ever.  An intern.  I’ve learned a lot in recent weeks.  When you have someone working for you it’s hard not to micro-manage. The only way for me to not be a tyrant is to apply the Golden Rule.  It’s in my nature to try to be controlling, apparently.  It’s a very different perspective.  Like, if your direct reports come in a little on the late side you think about the work that could have been done.  Then I think, “Oh, I come in on the late side pretty much every day and no one complains.  How can I get on someone else’s case about it?  I can’t.”

I mean, I stay late, too, but that just comes with the territory.

It’s a good start.  I assume that at some point down the road I’ll be either managing people or independently contracting.  I’m not a workplace politics guy.  I like to get my hands dirty and do good work but I’m not particularly ambitious. That is both good and bad.

At my last job … well, this is part of the reason I had to move on.  There were guys five to ten years my junior being given “team lead” positions and “senior _____” titles.  They didn’t know what to do with me, which is a danger of being a designer/developer hybrid.  It was clear that there was no path for me to excel or progress or advance.

Now that I have a direct report I really feel for my former bosses.  Like, imagine trying to appease and challenge an entire department of people.  All of the personalities and personal issues.  As soon as you deal with one, here comes another one.  Then you’ve got your own bosses and the goals that you have to meet involve the work produced by your employees.  You’re responsible for the quality and timeliness of someone else’s work.

It must be hard to be a good manager.  For now I have one direct report to train and to keep challenged and interested.

(Sunday morning)
What is it with Famous Dave’s?  They have some of the cutest girls working there.  Last night I was on my way home from Baltimore.  I decided to stop at Famous Dave’s in Laurel on the way back to Alexandria.  I used the handy GPS Telenav on my phone.  Looked up Famous Dave’s via Telenav and called it directly from the listing.  I placed the order but accidentally hung up trying to switch out of speaker phone mode.  I called back and finished the order.  Cool.

Then after the call was done I selected Famous Dave’s in Telenav and selected the “Drive To It” option.  Then I followed the directions.  It took me down 97 instead of 295, which I thought was strange.  Probably avoiding traffic, I thought.  So I just listened to “Artemis Fowl” as I drove and zoned out.  Then I realized that something was strange but kept following the directions anyway.

I ended up at the Famous Dave’s in Annapolis near the Annapolis Mall.  Oops.

The take-out girl was very helpful, though.  What a sweetheart.  She was laughing the whole time at the situation.  I was a little embarrassed but being charmingly clueless or helpless really brings out the best in other people.

I saw Todd Marcus’ Nonet at Jazzway on Sunday night.  It was great.  What a place.  It’s a house party or house concert.  And what a house.  It’s hard to explain and I can’t really do it justice.  Great concept.

Jazzway 6004

It’s the first time I’ve heard a bass solo accompanied by dog barking.  Classic.

Currently reading :
Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, Book 1)
By Eoin Colfer
Release date: By 31 March, 2003

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i once ate to the point of vomiting at the Famous Dave’s in Vienna … no booze was involved … it had never happened before and would never happen again. but i have cherished that memory ever since.

that said, america have a serious eating disorder: not enough FAMOUS DAVE’S … FAMOUS DAVE’S … FAMOUS DAVE’S …

Posted by f(bod) on Nov 13, 2007 7:44 PM

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