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Don’t nobody bring me no bad news.

If you ever want to cheer me up, like, if I’m diagnosed with a tragic illness or find out my wife (if I ever have one) is cheating on me and so on, all you have to do is play “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News” for me.

That song brings me joy, especially the trumpet solo.  “Work!” Man oh man.  It doesn’t get much better than that in a Quincy Jones dixie land gospel, head boppin’, toe tappin’, hand clappin’, finger snappin’, hold up traffic because you’re trying to maintain the speed limit with your right foot and thump a bass line with your left throwdown kind of way.

Apparently, I struck a nostalgia nerve today because I got a sudden urge to listen to the Jacksons’ “Destiny” after listening to some of “The Wiz” soundtrack.  Right now I’m listening to “Triumph”.  Napster serves it purpose.

You are my
You are my
You are my lovely one

The Hooters girls outside with their hula hoops.  Good gracious.  It’s like somebody went into my mind and picked out some fantasy fuel. Ay caramba.  Hooters must be the first step towards the Idiocracy.

Next there’ll be a coffee shop called, um, Knockers or something like that. Or Jugs.  Here’s some young thing’s tits and ass.  Follow ’em to a cup o’ joe with a happy ending if ever there was one.

Metro train doors are not like elevator doors.  I saw a young woman get on a too-crowded Yellow line train.  Standing room only.  I was waiting for the next one.  Too many people jammed into that one.

Apparently, she had the same idea and changed her mind.  The doors dinged, the warning that they’re about to close.  She made a move to get off the train and — squunch — she got nailed by the doors.  Like the cyclops from “Krull” she was trapped in Metro’s maw.

She walked up to my face
Said this is the place
“You said me right hear at noon”

This is heeaaartbreak hoteeeeel

She had reflexively put up her hands as the doors shut.  She pushed a little and when she had some give she tried to step out.  But no.  You can not underestimate the voracious appetite and tenacity of metro train doors.  Closed right on her left leg at the ankle catching it in mid step.  She was stuck, her foot caught behind her raised like in a snapshot of a runner.  She was caught quite possibly in the most awkward position possible while still being clothed.  She couldn’t turn to help herself.  She couldn’t move forward, backward or to either side.

After a moment, I made a tentative move to go help her, but some guys inside the train pried the doors open for her.

I turned away and to my shame I had to stifle a grin that would have led to laughter.  I mean, I was going to help her.  Really.  I was.  Although, part of me wanted to see what would happen when the train accelerated down the track.  She would frantically hop on her one available foot once or twice and then be dragged on her face, bowling over all of the people standing too close to the platform edge.

It would have been a gloriously hysterical cartoon-like moment.

I don’t care, what you’re sayin’
Walk right now, I ain’t playin’
Love elsewhere, for you I’m prayin’
Don’t look back, you ain’t stayin’

I don’t care, what you’re sayin’
Walk right now, I ain’t playin’
Love elsewhere, for you I’m prayin’
Don’t look back, you ain’t stayin’

Finally, after this Sunday I’ll have a good chunk of my life back.  I’m a little stressed about this thing.  Cutting it close to the wire here, but it’s looking good.  One way or another, it’ll be over after Sunday.

Oh.  No.  I’m not running a marathon.  I’m working on an online widget for this weekend’s marathon.  It’s a projec that’s both fun and painful and draining.  I’m exhausted.  Been going full bore for about two months straight.  I just got home about an hour ago and now it’s time to go to bed.

I have learned a lot.  I went from 0.1 on the Flash scale to a 7.5 in the matter of a few weeks.  Desperation is the mother of work experience.

Now if I could just get this IP address problem figured out.  All will be well and I can relax until I’m on call on Sunday.  Crap.  I need to get my wireless network up at home.

My work marathon is about to come to a close.  Happy happy joy joy.

Give it up, Give it up

Aw man.  Only a few of the tracks from “Destiny” are downloadable.

Don’t blame it on sunshine
Don’t blame it on moonlight
Don’t blame it on good times
Blame it on the boogie

I just can’t
I just can’t
I just can’t control my feet

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My personal favorite from the Destiny album is Time Waits for No One. No one did schmaltzy longing like a early 20’s Michael Jackson…

And who doesn’t LOVE Mabel King singing that song from the Wiz? For me, it was the highlight (well, that and the Mean Ole Lion song… Ted Ross was amazing!).

Now I want to go watch that movie… See what you did? Thanks alot, Gary! :oP

Posted by Shell on Oct 26, 2007 7:32 AM

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