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I am so ready for the long weekend.  Yes indeed.  Maybe I can get my exercise thing back on track.

How you doing?

What, uh.  What’s up.  Not much to say here.  You know how it go.  Working.  Eating, sleeping.  Trying to work on some writing and/or music.  Remind me to do my writing in Word or Works first.  Helps to preempt some of those annoying typos and grammaros.

“Hidden River” is a very good book.  Talk about the blonde thing (as literary archetype in this case), though.  Good grief.  It’s heavy duty, that book.  The author is Irish so the narrator is Irish, too.  I could listen to that accent all day.  And I suppose I did for a few days.  So there you go.

I can’t think right now.  Maybe I need to eat something.  Maybe I don’t need to think.  Now there’s a thought.

Here’s a little something.

How to respond to global warming deniers

Better yet, go here directly and skip the middle man:
Climate Scepticism: The Top 10

How much can you tell by looking at someone?  I saw a woman the other day — black woman, overweight, North Face jacket, mid to late 20’s — on the metro.  She was holding a bag or purse and I thought to myself, “What is that in her hand?”

Something gold.  I realized it was her finger nails.  Three to four inches long and painted gold.  She was holding the bag by its handle in the crook of her hand.  Gotta be careful with nails like that, I suppose.

And you know me by now.  Gets me thinking.  Thinking about the kind of woman I’d like to be with.  Kind of woman I’d like to be with probably has her nails cut short for guitar playing when she’s writing music.  Doesn’t mind getting her hands (or shoes) dirty, literally, scrabbling up a steep, rutted hiking trail.  Doesn’t mind getting sand in her shoes.  If she can help it she doesn’t wear a skirt when it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Practical, outdoorsy, rugged but not rough.  As opposed to dolled up diva.

Eh.  Takes all kinds.  That’s not some statement of personal doctrine or anything.  Not to offend all the girly girls out there.  Just what I thought.  Stream of consciousness triggered by those fingernails.  Snikt!

That is all.  Enjoy yourselves.  I hope you’ll be among friends/family over the weekend.  Good luck to you if you’re traveling.

Currently reading :
Double Cross (Alex Cross)
By James Patterson
Release date: By 13 November, 2007

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