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Fried Pig Brains

I just read an article about a meat company where a group of workers got some kind of degenerative nerve disease.  They were the workers that … how do I say this.  They took the pig heads, shaved off cheek, ear and nose flesh and then used compressed air to squirt out the pig brains, possibly spraying a fine mist of pig brain into the air.  They, of course, wore no breathing filters or face masks.  So that’s gross.  Slaughterhouse, pig brains, nerve disease.  Fine.

But the question arises, what does that meat company do with pig brains?  Apparently, there are some folks out there who buy them fresh or canned, fry ’em and eat ’em up.  On sandwiches.  Fried pig brain sandwiches.  Kind of a niche market that’s so small the sales aren’t tracked.  But there you have it.

America.  Friends.  Don’t eat brains.  Period.  And don’t breathe brain mist.  You may turn into a zombie.  Or it may prove that you already are a zombie.  And I’m watching you.  Me and Milla Jovovich.  Wow.  She’s got her hands in a little bit of everything.

… was a pretty good movie.  I was kind of sick when I saw it so it felt long and I had trouble concentrating, but it was well done and I suspect I would have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Or I will when I see it again.  I’ve got a whole thing about the last two books in the trilogy and the controversy surrounding the movie but that’s another blog entry for another time.

Here’s something.  Bush’s tax cut for the wealthy.  Sorry, but I just watched the Wall Street Journal Report.

First of all, how can you give tax cuts at all when you’re at war?  Then when those tax cuts are about to expire, how can you justify keeping them when the country has billions of dollars of debt to other countries like China, Japan and other foreign investors?  Am I correct to assume that this has something to do with the value of the dollar dropping precipitously?

Political conservatives have been saying for the past few years that the economy is doing well.  The unemployment rate is pretty low, 4.7%, and other economic health indicators that I don’t understand look good.  Meanwhile, the middle class is picking up the slack.  As a single, apartment renting professional with no deductions to speak of, the government takes nearly 30% of my wages.  Then in April they say I owe them more taxes.

Meanwhile, I’ve got debt that never seems to diminish despite the fact that I throw a lot of money at it every month.  Congress is starting to look into credit card company practices.  They, the credit card companies, have been raising the interest rates for customers even though the customers are paying on time and have good records.  The cc companies call it risk-based interest rates.  There was a woman who testified to Congress that for the nearly $2500 she paid, her debt decreased only by about $300.

After 9-11, I remember the President and his financial tentacles telling us, the public, to go to the malls.  Spend your money to help the economy.  We’re going to send your sons off to war.  You just stay here and buy stuff, okay?

The supposed boost to the economy that people claim came from the tax cuts … well, the people with money made more money.  Our personal debt increased, our savings diminished if they existed at all.  The stock market is a roller coaster ride.  The country’s debt is astronomical.  The dollar is weak, possibly dangerously weak.  Our competitive services and prices are propped up on the backs of an illegal, underpaid underclass or outsourcing jobs to other countries.  We may be on the verge of recession.  The price of everything is increasing.

Been to the grocery store lately?  Gas and groceries, guns and butter.  It all costs more but our wages aren’t increasing to keep pace with the cost of living.  Then there’s the whole housing thing.  How the heck does anyone afford a house when a “good” price in a nice neighborhood with good schools can easily be a quarter of a million dollars?  And god help you if you’ve got kids to raise.

And the rich pundits (making well over 6 figures a year) can’t for the life of them understand why Americans don’t recognize how good the economy is right now.

Go figure.

But here’s the good news.  We can wise up, especially me.  Resist this insane urge to spend, spend, spend.  I was at the bookstore yesterday.  Saw some graphic novels I’d like to read.  $20 each.  Since when did comic books cost $20?  And of course it’s a series.  Needless to say, I didn’t by them.  F that.  Let us save more and spend less.  Let’s not go crazy this Christmas and increase our debt.  Hey, if you can swing it, go for it, but don’t accrue debt.  If you want to buy me an iPhone and/or iTouch, please do it with cash.  I’m not worth the 24% interest rate on your cards.

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“…the country has billions of dollars of debt to other countries…”

dunno if that’s a typo, but I believe our total foreign debt is measured in the trillions…

🙂 good times

as for xmas: i’m giving everyone homemade friendship bracelets wrapped in newspaper this year

and ps: my ascii comics will be free

Posted by f(bod) on Dec 12, 2007 2:14 PM

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