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Hey.  Hi.  How you doing?  Come in.  Good to see you.  Here, let me take your coat.  I’ll hang it in the closet.  Do you want anything to drink?  I’ve got iced tea, bottled water.  Ummmm, Woodchuck Draft … good choice.  No it’s a twist-off.  Let me get it for you.

How’ve you been?  Oh hold on.  Let me get you a chair.  Move some of these jackets out of the way.  Okay.  Cool.  Maybe I should put the futon into sofa mode.  Maybe later.  There’s a lot more room in here that way.  Oh, you play guitar?  I didn’t know that.  You know any songs?  We could record something maybe.  Which one do you want to play?  Okay, you take the acoustic and I’ll do the electric.

Hey, have you been following the Presidential campaign?  Crazy isn’t it?

Huckabee seems to have taken off.  I don’t like him but then again who do I like?  Don’t trust politicians, especially anyone that wants to be President.  I’m not a one-issue voter but every now and then someone says something so stupid that I think, “Nope.”

Giuliani is mired in past scandals and questionable mayoral financial practices plus affairs.  He’s got the ethics of a hungry weasel.  And what’s up with the cross-dressing?  Funny but probably damaging for a Presidential bid.  He may have stood firm and led well on 9-11 by not falling apart, but I don’t see him as a hero of the day.  On days like that people need to look to someone for comfort and it was him that they looked to.  That does not make him any less icky.  I mean, he knew how corrupt Bernard Kerik was and he still had the cojones to suggest him to head up Homeland Security.  WTF.

Romney’s trying to have it both ways with the religion thing.  I don’t think these crazy theological debates should be part of this process.  This is bullcrap.  I mean, I’m not holding Romney’s religion against him.  Despite what I think of charismatic 17 year olds and the fact that nearly every religious leader who garners a personal following seems to ultimately conclude that God wants him to have a harem and f— as many innocents as he can….  Well, it’s Romney’s religious pandering that bothers me.  PLUS the fact that he won’t admit that waterboarding is torture.  That’s the one-liner that earned him a “nope”.  Are you serious?  Who is he trying to please?

How would Jesus torture?  HWJT.

Anyway, Huckabee is said to have pressured a parole board to release Wayne Dumond, a man convicted of raping a 17 year old girl.  I thought, when I first heard about it, that there must be more to the story.  ‘Cause you know you’ll hear stuff that sounds outrageous but then when you get more of the facts you can see how this thing that seemed so crazy is more plausible and less sensational.

But it turns out that at least two women who had been raped by Dumond, one while her 3 year old daughter was laying in the bed next to her, sent letters to Huckabee pleading with him to not grant parole to Dumond.  Dumond had confessed to raping the 17 year old, by the way, but he refused to sign the confession.

Here’s where it gets a little darker.  The 17 year old is one of Bill Clinton’s distant relatives.  And you know how conservatives absolutely hate the Clintons.  So the political and religious right rallied to Dumond’s defense.  They said that Dumond was framed and falsely convicted as part of a Clinton plot.  Imagine, now, how this played on right-wing talk radio.  Imagine a local version of a Rush Limbaugh or a Sean Hannity making a stink about this for days on end.  Imagine the fervor they riled up and the opinions they swayed.  Innocent working man persecuted by liberal elites.  “Clinton leaves innocent man in prison for 14 years.”

A pastor, if I have my story straight, and others lobbied Huckabee that Dumond was an innocent victim of the liberals.  Huckabee later said that there were doubts about Dumond’s guilt.  All the while, former victims of Dumond were contacting Huckabee to tell him that Dumond was indeed a brutal rapist.

Dumond was paroled and then he raped and killed a woman, possibly two.

Some may say that the Willie Horton incident was the same, but I see it a little differently.  In the Huckabee-Dumond incident, it was the political power of the religious right that Huckabee bowed to.

Changing gears a little.  Pat Robertson and other right-ers say that more people should be carrying guns.  It would put an end or a quicker end to these public massacres.  More guns = more safety.  Hard targets (places where staff or people are armed) usually aren’t attacked.  It’s the soft targets where these nihilists go to take as many lives as they can before they take their own: schools, churches, malls, workplaces.  It’s rare that they go for a police station, military base, security firm, etc.

I would like to add, by the way, that we’re all scared of terrorists.  What if the the terrorists, the sleeper cells, come over here and start attacking us?  Meanwhile, we’re being terrorized by young, middle class white guys.  These dispossessed young white men are terrorizing our society.  Why are they going off the rails like this?  Nihilism, man.  From wikipedia:

Nihilism (from the Latin nihil, nothing) is a philosophical position which argues that Being, especially past and current human existence, is without objective meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value. Nihilists generally assert some or all of the following:

  • there is no reasonable proof of the existence of a higher ruler or creator,
  • a “true morality” does not exist, and
  • objective secular ethics are impossible; therefore, life has, in a sense, no truth, and no action is objectively preferable to any other.

The term nihilism is sometimes used synonymously with anomie to denote a general mood of despair at the pointlessness of existence.[1]

Anyway, the solution our great minds provide us with is let’s all carry guns.

Is it the case that the only way to reduce the crime rate and make our cities and institutions safe places is for most of us to be armed all the time?  That’s just sad.  If that’s the case, we’re in trouble.  That’s, like, the beginning of the end of civil society.   From there, it escalates.

Let’s say that violent criminals know that people are armed. What can they do but carry out attacks with heavier firepower.  Fully automatic weapons, homemade explosives, body armor.  Or simply come in shooting instead of giving warning or making demands and first targeting those most likely to be armed.  Surprise, use brutal force and terrorize with unpredictably merciless violence.  Shock and awe.

Violent force compounds violent force.  More guns beget more guns.  Bigger guns beget bigger guns.

Then I thought about who would most likely be armed.  Would we have a society where conservatives of various ilk would be walking around armed and liberals and secularists would not?  The Young Republican Guard.   That sounds like the end of democracy as we know it.  We’ll exchange it for a paramilitary democratic republic.

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