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Shop Talk: Voxengo SPAN
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Man.  I have a song — one of the ones I wrote in my sleep — all ready to go.  The music is fine.  I put some effort into the drum part to do in days what a real drummer does instantly.  Irony, that.  But I can NOT get the lyrics together.  Well, I did come up with this when I woke up this morning:

Leika is my favorite dog
She smells just like a frog
She looks so furry furry
When she’s in a hurry hurry

Ah, yes.  I’ve still got it.  Recognize the skills, son.  In the dream I had, the dream where the song came from, the lyrics were “it must be the little things” blah blah.

Recommendation: Voxengo SPAN
I’ve been practicing my mixing skills.  I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to mix “Insinuendo”.  I don’t know what I did but I fixed something and it threw the whole mix off.  So I did some research into mixing the bass track and realized that I needed a frequency spectrum analyzer plug-in for Cakewalk ‘s Sonar Home Studio 6 XL.  There’s one in Cakewalk’s Sonar 6 Producer Edition, but that upgrade is more than $300.  There’s iXotope Ozone but that’s over $200.

I was ready to spend money but that not much.  I don’t know why Cakewalk doesn’t sell their “Analyst” Spectrum Analyzer solo.  Could have made some money off of me.  That Roland V-Vocal thingy, too.

Anyway, in the Cakewalk forums someone mentioned Voxengo SPAN.  It’s free.  It’s good.  I can visually see the frequencies.  Looks like my voice, the classical guitar, a lot of the drum parts and the bass all have primary frequencies around 200 Hz.  Strange but true.  So before I knew it I spent hours — until about 4 in the AM — notching out frequencies so the different parts can fit together without fighting  each other, which results in muddiness.  Or rolling off the low end of the bass frequencies at just the right spot so it makes room for the fat, melodic kick drum.

Here’s to future mixing.

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