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I kind of think of each of these songs as a sketch.  A lot of times I think of some famous artist I’d like to hear perform my songs.  All the normal caveats apply, especially for the first version loaded.

Anyway, this one is another mantra.

You ever run into those people that want to get too personal or too close too quickly?  I can be one of those.  It can put people off.  Or, like, I’ll remember things that other people don’t remember and then the fact that I know it (something they don’t remember telling me) kind of freaks them out.

But there are times when I’m in a “life is too short” mode.  You know, let’s cut the crap.  No fronts.  Crack open “the shell” in GarySpeak.

I am intensely in that mode now.  Time is flying.

This song is about you.  My friends.  My family.  Acquaintances and associates.  Even the online people that brush by to say hello in a jostling digital world.  Yes you.  Not a day goes by.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

(I’m off all next week except for Monday.  Any suggestions as to something constructive to do with my time?)

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By Greg Bear
Release date: By 16 April, 2007

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