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Gently Down the Stream of Consciousness

A father buys his 13 year old son an electric bass and bass lessons.  After the first day of lessons the father picks up his son and asks, “What did you learn today, son?”

The son says, “I learned the E string.”

After the second day of lessons the father asks the son again what he learned.

The son says, “Today I learned the A string.”

Third day, the father picks up his son who smells like beer and cigarettes.  The father, a little uncertain, asks, “So what did you learn in your lesson today?”

The son says, “Lesson?  I just got back from a gig.”

This is a random memory.  I was somewhere doing something and the joke and the following memory popped into my mind.  Bubbled to the surface.

A few years ago in my apartment in San Jose one evening there was a knock on the door.  Leika barked and trotted to the door.  Always has to be the first and you know how she loves people.  I looked through the keyhole, the keyhole fisheye perspective, and there was a teenage girl there.  Cute white girl, early high school, I’d guesstimate.

I opened the door, holding Leika by the collar.  “Hello.”

She was selling magazines and I asked what the options were.  She was with a friend, they travel in pairs, but the friend was knocking on doors down the hallway.  I had to fill out all the forms and write the check so I asked her if she’s afraid of dogs.  She said no and I invited her in.  You know.  Have a seat if you want.  Hold on.  Let me get my checkbook.

I hold the door open for her, Leika smells her.  The girl walks into my apartment into the living room area.  I find my checkbook and as I come back to the dining area table and walk by her she says, “Please don’t hurt me.”

I sat down, checkbook and pen in hand.  All I could think of to say was, “Why would I hurt you?”

Shrugged her shoulders.  I bought some magazine subscriptions.  I think that’s why I still get Bicycle Magazine even though I haven’t paid in ages and have moved twice since then.

Once she was comfortable, meaning that she was confident that I wasn’t going to murder and/or violate her, she had such a pleasant, eboullient, charming and disarming personality.

This is just a memory.  Not social commentary.  But if you’d like to comment with social commentary please do.

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