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The Scourge of War and War Mongering

I was talking to someone about war the other day. World War II, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They asked me if I was for or against the dropping of the atomic bombs. I said, how could anyone be for that. I can see how political leaders at the time justified or rationalized it. It may have taken years to defeat Japan thoroughly enough for them to defeat using conventional tactics — guns, knives, fire, bombs, etc. Thousands upon thousands of American lives plus waning public support. Or end the war in days with two massive, undeniable, decisive strikes.

That’s the reasoning. I pointed out that those 100,000 casualties weren’t “casualties”. They weren’t numerical figures or things or assets or collateral. They were human beings with lives, hopes, goals. Little girl on her way to school, a guy going on a job interview, a mother dressing her young children in the morning and kissing her husband goodbye in the doorway, the couple having an affair, a teacher preparing a lesson plan, a musician practicing for an audition, a job interview. I made those up just now, but they’re pictures of people’s lives and nothing I can make up could capture all the humanity, the lives, that were obliterated.

Even if it was necessary, it was still evil.

You can justify it, sure, but if everyone thought like that — if everyone thought the way we do then we are in trouble. And in fact, we are.

We said in World War II that we can’t defeat Japan without staggering losses to our own troops so we’ll take a dramatic number of civilian lives. We’ll shatter their resolve and they’ll have no choice but to surrender.

Today, the people we call terrorists and insurgents say, we can’t defeat America using conventional means because we don’t have the money, tanks, jets and missiles that they do. So we’ll attack using bombs. We’ll kidnap and hijack and behead and execute. We’ll hijack planes and fly them into crowded buildings in the most densely populated cities. This is war. There are no civilians. We will smuggle in portable nuclear devices if we can and strike at their heart to shake their will.

The ideology is different, maybe, but it’s the same reasoning. If we all think this way we are on the path to genocide, suicide. The chickens will always come home to roost. For us, for them. War is insanity. Especially today when there are enough resources — despite the booming population of people around the world — to sustain and nourish us all. Imagine if we put the amount of money into alternative energy and conservation and smart local food production and education and health care and sanitation and clean water that we’ve spent on this %$@! war in Iraq.

Oil passed $100 a barrel yesterday. I wish I could find the fuel burn rates for tanks, helicopters, jet fighters, cargo planes and aircraft carriers (are they nuclear powered these days?). It’s mind blowing. You know, when the numbers get so big your brain goes numb because they’re too big to think about?  Too big to relate to?


I swiped that from Janna’s blog. Go there for some good recipes and pictures of food.

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