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Friday Night Blues

Tonight I blog out of boredom and week’s end tirednes.  Man.  I should be working on music.  I’m back-logged.  Hey.  That could be a good song title.  “Friday Night Blues”

How many steps did you walk today?
6700 steps.  I swear I feel like I walked 10 miles today.  Long walk to lunch and back.  Walked to L’Enfant.  I guess that’s only two miles extra.  I even take indirect routes.  And still only 6700 steps.  I guess that’s okay.  It’s better to ease into it anyway.  I’m actually sore from walking.  And even “failing” equals two extra miles and at least 45+ minutes of exercise per day.  That’s not too shabby.

A tip for my fellow walkers.  You must wear comfortable shoes if you’re going to be walking five miles a day.  And of course a good pair of socks.  And I can not forget — this is very important — underwear.  You’ve got to find some comfortable underwear because pinching, bunching and chafing will put you on the bench.

Consider yourself empowered.

Um.  I can’t even think of anything to write.

I had lunch with one of my cousins the other day.  She traveled and did some Habitat for Humanity work in Southeast Asia recently.  She said, “It’s strange belonging to a race of people that no one likes, isn’t it?”

We were discussing racism in the Nordic countries.  Apparently, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden are known for being very racist places.  That’s sad.  I’m going to have to give up the Swedish Bikini Team fantasy.  In Men’s Health magazine I once read how great it is and that, yes, those countries really are full of buxom hotties with liberal social views.

I hear that if you’re white they’re really hospitable and wonderful people.

Anyone have any experience traveling in that region?

Oh!  Great new music.  I am in love with these songs:

  • Sia’s “Breathe Me” and “Death by Chocolate”
  • Tristan Prettyman’s “Breathe”
  • Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”
  • Kirk Franklin’s “Imagine Me”

So you remember those T-shirts.  Well, I’ve listened to a bit of right-wing radio, TV shows and podcasts.  I’ve listened to a lot of liberal radio, too.  WPFW in DC and KPFA in the Bay Area.  Pacifica Radio.  Recently, I came across “The American View” with Michael Peroutka and John Lofton.

They’re actually to the right of Limbaugh, Hannity, the Bush Administration, Pat Robertson and just about anyone else you can imagine.  They’re so far to the right that some of their views seem to lap themselves and sound liberal.  Probably more libertarian in nature.  They’re hardcore orthodox Christians and Constitutionalists.  If they disagree with someone, they label that person and/or that person’s views as idiotic or evil.

The more right wingers I hear, the more something becomes clear to me.  Liberals have some sense of compassion and social justice.  Sometimes they seem kind of crazy and go way too far.  It’s like they’re working out childhood issues and taking it out on the rest of society but … what can you do.  If you listen to hardcore Republicans and social/political conservatives — maybe it’s a radio thing — they just sound like …  horrible people.

Listen to this (one of Harry Shearer’s Found Objects, as he calls them).  This is Laura Ingraham, one of the conservative attack blondes:

Laura Ingraham being a total %$@!

It’s such a disconnect to me that this swath of Right Wingers lays claims on Christianity and patriotism and yet are so disingenuous, callous, cold, calculating and prone to the slouch towardFascism .  With their “This is no time to question authority.  You don’t criticize the President in a time of war.  It’s unpatriotic to question your country.”

To quote Ghandi (I think):

I like your Christ.
I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are nothing like your Christ.

On the other hand, there are so many good Christians and conservative people out there.  My family and the community where I’m from, it’s the church going people who put their energy back to educate and elevate and improve the neighborhoods, communities and households.  It’s amazing.  All over the country.  They’re people, like you and me, not claiming any moral superiority but striving for their ideals.  The organizations are flawed like any institution, but man they do good work and they’re good people.  They make me proud, you know.

These are the same people (in some cases) and the same mold of people that were the backbone of the Civil Rights Movement.  They stand up when it’s time to stand up.

And there are so many good people out there.  Unfortunately, they’re being drowned out by a few loudmouths with bully pulpits.  But those guys are wearing out their welcome in the public discourse.  They may even have to act civil eventually.

Okay.  I’m done.  Feels like I just got home and it’s time for bed.

Hey, if you’re in the Bay Area go see Brynn singing backup vocals tonight.

Currently listening :
Some People Have Real Problems
By Sia
Release date: By 08 January, 2008

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