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Now It’s Personals
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In my online meanderings on online personal sites and social networking sites, I’m coming across a LOT of spam.  It’s really annoying.   I think it’s killing the online thing for people.  And what’s the deal with myspace??  Holy crap!   A constant barrage of spam friend requests.  You know.  This one.


I’ve gotten these requests so many times from fake accounts I’m starting to think that Candy Lips, Extreme Ass, Seduced, Spicy Girl, Berry Wild and Queen of Cum are really my friends.

“Hey, Queen of Cum, wha’d you do this weekend!”

“Oh, Extreme Ass, did you see The Daily Show last night?”

An online acquaintance suggested I try  They advertise on myspace.  You’ve seen the ads, I’m sure.  So I logged on, actually received a “flirt” message.  That was encouraging so I registered at $24.95 for one month.  Sent an email to the person, received a response.

When I received a reply I knew it was spam.  They say (even though this site allows anyone to send you an email if you’re subscribed), “Send me an email at or to my Yahoo IM.  I’ll send you pictures if you want.”

I hung out with a friend last night and heard her latest happenings.  Craziness but you know.  In the thick of things.  Kind of put me in perspective.  Like, what the hell am I doing.  Nada.  Not that I need to do anything wacky but you know.  So when I got home I felt emboldened.  So I replied even though I was 86% sure it was spam.  Here’s the emails from that correspondence:

CarpeNox from
From: Gary Young
Wed 3/19/08 1:25 AM
To: (
Hello Sara,

How are you doing?  Sure, I’d like to see pictures.

I see on your profile that you do administrative work.  What kind of industry is your company in?

I’d write more but it’s late and I have an early meeting tomorrow.

Take it easy.


You know.  Generic, friendly opener.  Her response was:

RE: CarpeNox from
Wed 3/19/08 11:23 AM
Gary Young
Hey Gary. It’s Sara from singles net. It’s nice of you to email me here. How’s your week so far? Enjoying Hump Day? : ) I just wanted to send you a quick email while I had a chance. Let’s talk soon so we can start getting naked together ; ).
In the meantime you should check out my site:

(if you can’t click on it copy and paste it into your address bar)

I have lots of luvly pics and some personal things about me on it (including a phone number).

See ya!


The site is of course some kind of porn site.  SinglesNet floods you with emails.  They’ll send you an email if someone has looked at your profile.  Of the four real emails I’ve received, 3 have been of the spam variety as far as I can tell.  Every online site is a mine field and some more than others.

I’m going to have to have a word with the person who suggested this site.

To date I’ve tried:, Yahoo Personals, AOL’s thing before they started using,, E-Harmony, True,SinglesNet, FriendFinder and affiliated sites.  Not Craigslist, though.  Maybe I’ll post something tonight and we’ll see what happens.  Hell, it’s free.

Here’s the description I’ve been using in my most recent online personals phase w/ photos:

I’ll be honest. I’m in full disclosure mode here. I don’t like “dating”. You know, where you try to impress someone by exaggerating certain parts of your personality like it’s a job interview. “Sell yourself.”

No, I’d rather hang at a coffee shop or bookstore. Go for a walk on the National Mall and find ourselves in a museum. Catch some music, eat good food (or even mediocre food), see a movie. Go for a bike ride on the GW bike path, maybe? And I want to go to the zoo.

I can be shy. This online thing hasn’t really panned out, but I come back every now and then just to see what’s shakin’. You have to take a chance to have a chance. I spend a lot of time on my own working on music or writing but I recently came to a conclusion:

There are so many things that are worthwhile, fun, inspiring. But they’re so much more enjoyable when you have someone to appreciate them with.

There are people whose idea of a good time is a happy hour or party. Or whose idea of a good time is going to a bar or club.

I get my kicks hanging out with a good friend or a few good friends … just conversatin’. Being somewhere where you don’t have to yell in each other’s faces. Taking in some good music. Eating good food. Cracking jokes and laughing until your face hurts and your sides are sore. Pardon my fragments.

To each, his or her own.

I think that picture makes me look more serious than I am. I’m laid back, down to earth, intelligent with a good sense of humor. I like hiking, mountain biking, tennis, movies, eating out. Other things that I can’t think of at the moment.

I love petite, curvy women. Cute and cuddly. Short and sweet.

I could go on but if there’s anything you want to know, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.

If any of that strikes a chord, let’s chat. If you’re just looking for a friend, that’s cool, too.

That’s good stuff, right?  Maybe?

There are people who have found dates, significant others and even spouses online.  I know a few of them.  Strangely, I know some people who’ve done the same “offline”.

I keep hearing that there are a lot of women looking for men in and around DC.  Black women in particular.  Not that I’m limited but that’s the word on the street — not enough educated black men for all these professional black women.  With that in mind, I’m kind of surprised that I have, like, no success with these things.  Granted, I’m not some hunky stud and I don’t resemble any rapper or athlete but you know:  good job, decent salary, educated, got a brain in my head and such.

I don’t get it.  This is a problem.  There are a lot of curvy, fit women out there.  I see them every day (and not just when I walk by Hooters) on my commute or when I’m stepping around DC.  This shouldn’t be hard.  I mean, it seems so easy for other people.  You know what I mean?  The most natural thing to meet, date, enter and exit relationships.  Constantly.

And I don’t want people to necessarily jump on the matchmaking thing but I would expect friends to be like, “Oh hey I know so and so.  You guys should meet.”

Not the case.  Female friends usually don’t go there.  Maybe the unrequited friendship thing is a phenomenon of codependency.  Of course, it could also be because a lot of people think I’m gay.  Which I am not, thank you, unless … you know … the guy would have to be really, really hot.  Or I’d have to be really, really drunk.

So ladies and gentlemen, America, what’s the word?   What did you think of Obama’s speech?

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