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New song: “Soulmate (Instrumental)”
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The meat thermometer digital alarm is one of the greatest gadgets ever invented.  No guesswork involved.  A nearly perfect cinnamon-chipotle rubbed country style pork ribs dish.  Deglazed apple juice, cabernet and garlic sauce.  With baked potato topped with gorgonzola and broiled.  Peas and pearl onions.  Accompanied by a Reed’s Cherry Ginger Brew.

Food is good.

But this is about music so let me get to it.


I am so musically frustrated right now.  Argh!  Or to put it more accurately, I’m so vocally frustrated right now.  Tim B. sent me some drum tracks.  Great stuff.  I started with some chord changes and then a bass part.  Cool.  The rest of the music followed over the next few nights.

It was inspired by the spam IM I wrote about last week and I was originally going to title this “lovely soulmate” but … c’mon.

I’ve written three batches of lyrics for it.  But I just can’t get it in gear.  I laid down a vocal melody the other night but … I don’t know.  It just doesn’t sound good.  Or I can’t tell if it’s passable or not.

So screw it, says I.  I’ll just put the intro and the second half of the tune together and call it a day.  The music definitely catches the sentiment.  That’s what really matters.

I put a little more effort than usual into stereo placement.  Using more of the panning range.  Ambience bouncing around in there.  The levels should be almost comparable with professional recordings but of course the clarity is not.

Thank you, Tim.  You rock, sir.

Catch you later, America.  Time to walk the dog.

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Janna Mordan

That sounds crazy delicious. The food I mean.

And you just reminded me that I said I’d send you some sounds to play with. I’ll get on that this month. Now that I’m 30 (well, almost) I’m becoming responsible.

Posted by Janna Mordan on Apr 6, 2008 7:19 PM
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Gary Young

It was crazy delicious.

I keep meaning to try some of your recipes. I’m not the most organized person, though. That whole foresight thing.

T-minus 4 days and counting. Are you ready? Your warranty is about to expire. 🙂

Well, M(r)s. Responsible, whenever you’ve got sounds for me I’m ready.

Posted by Gary Young on Apr 7, 2008 9:09 PM

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