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New song: “Amazing Grace”

Our family celebrated my (maternal) grandmother’s 90th birthday yesterday.  There were a lot of people there.  We had a program with songs and poems and tributes.  I was asked to play a tune and I chose “Amazing Grace” because it’s one of Grandma’s favorites and one of mine.

I decided to put together some accompaniment for myself to play with because it’s much more comfortable that way.  I was able to get something going pretty quickly and then had to practice a bit and try to memorize as much as possible.  I’ve got some kind of mental block when it comes to memorizing tunes, which is strange to me because I’ve got a pretty good memory.  For certain things.

Everyone loved the tune and some asked if I had a CD or something.  So today I added guitar melody and improvisation, background vocals (oy, heavily cleaned up via Melodyne), and a few more layers of texture.

Thanks again, TiBu.  I used one of the tracks you sent me for this.  Worked perfectly and people loved it.  I hope I’m doing your stuff justice.

Anyway, enjoy, everyone.  Time to take Leika back up to Baltimore.

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Tim Bulkley

If you have commited even ONE unjust act it’s news to me. I am honored to be a part of a tribute like that. [jeez] I had no idea is was going to be used for something monumental. Thanks for your commitment to what counts. My barometer for what is real includes this blog on a regular basis.
Peace & Love -tb

Posted by Tim Bulkley on Apr 14, 2008 5:22 PM
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Gary Young

And a part of it you were.

Kind of strange that it’s the first time a lot of my relatives have seen or heard me make music. Good to have the band backing me up.

Play on, tb.

Posted by Gary Young on Apr 14, 2008 11:01 PM
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Thanks for adding Amazing Grace. I was one of those people who was interested in the song. Love it!!! Can’t wait until the next concert.

Posted by Char on Apr 18, 2008 10:39 AM

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