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I dedicate this blog to you, Stan.

“What doesn’t work in theory can still work in reality.”

– That German guy

Remember the sexiness of the Melodyne plug-in?  Well, prepare to be amazed, all you computer music geeks!  I thought this was an April Fool’s Day joke but it’s for real.

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Janna Mordan

Wow, that’s totally freaking cool.
Have you actually used it? How easy is it in practice?

Posted by Janna Mordan on Apr 20, 2008 9:59 PM
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Gary Young

It is absolutely, totally freaking cool.

The version of the plug-in that has that kind of x-ray vision (or hearing) doesn’t come out until the Fall. The version I have only works with vocal or single-voiced instruments.

It’s pretty easy to use, although different than I expected (you have to “transfer” or record the track into the plug-in before you can work with it). Once you get used to it, though, it’s magical.

The song I posted called “Reverie” has horn parts. Todd had laid down three clarinet tracks for another song. I took them, changed the notes to match the key of the new song. I took one of the tracks, selected all the notes and then dragged them up/down (and they snap to notes that fit the key you choose), and then bounced the new notes to a new track.

When this new thing comes out, I can think of some guitar strumming that needs to be tuned properly. And there’s a whole wide world of sampling that this could open up.


Posted by Gary Young on Apr 20, 2008 10:20 PM

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