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I’m trying out a few new websites:
An online money management web site.  Pretty.  Easy to set up, easy to use.
Imagine myspace but pretty, clean, made for you to customize and without all of those annoying, demoralizing ads and spam.  A beautiful site for your beautiful music, art, words.

The Pope met with victims of clergy sexual abuse.  Wow.  That’s a monumental gesture.

It’s not the same as action but it’s a start.  Every organization protects its own.  The more powerful it is, the more lawless it becomes.  I’ve heard stories that are just … man.  Tragic.  If you ever see any documentaries or see some of the movies based on true stories, it’s stuff that just hurts to even know.  I don’t know much about anything, but I do know that if you starve a wolf and then tell it to guard a flock of sheep … well.

Bill Maher was in the news recently because he’s hostile towards religion and he was making all kinds of aggressive remarks against the Pope, the Catholic Church and religion in general.  I don’t like the professional atheists (although I read that he’s not an atheist, per se).  They seem to be somewhat dick-ish.  Have you noticed that?  Mean, creepy, hostile self-proclaimed rationalists lashing out.  Angry about something or everything and threatened by anyone who disagrees with them.  The counter-part to the mean, creepy, hostile self-proclaimed pious fundamentalists, for lack of a better word, who are angry and threatened by everything and anyone who disagrees with them.  Equally reactionary and vindictive, they are.  And they both want us to be “enlightened” like them.

We can do better.

On Sunday I was somewhere in Dundalk.  No.  Baltimore.  The Clinton St. shortcut to Canton.  Someone had spray painted in yellow on the back of a truck cab:

“McCain in ’08.  Wake up America.”

I’m not a fan.  George Stephanopolis interviewed McCain on Sunday.  He asked McCain, paraphrasing here, “You’ve had full, comprehensive health care all your life, being the son of a military official and now, being a member of Congress.  Why shouldn’t everyone have the same coverage?”

You know what McCain said?  He said, “Well, there were seven years when I was under the health plan of another government.”

And then he kind of chuckled.  You know, as if he had just used self-deprecating humor.

“You’ve had government sponsored health care all of your life.  Why shouldn’t everyone have some form of sponsored health care?”

“I was a P.O.W. in Vietnam for seven years.”

What the f— does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  Not a thing.  It’s necessary for me to say that I’m not knocking his military service, imprisonment blah blah blah.  I can’t imagine what he went through.  But none of that qualifies him to be President.  Just because he was tortured doesn’t mean he’s going to make wise decisions about international politics or the economy or our infrastructure.  After opening with that statement he went on to say that … I don’t know what he said.  I was too busy cursing at the radio (C-SPAN radio broadcasts the audio from the Sunday news talk shows).

Before our current President took office, a barrel of oil was somewhere near $25.  Now, nearing the end of his presidency it’s at a record high (again).  $115 a barrel and rising.

Mr. McCain seems to want to continue the Bush Administration policies while trying to stoke the American public for some kind of engagement with Iran.

She’s the woman who asked Obama the other night, “Do you love the American flag?”

Apparently, she had written something about it before or … hold on.  Let me look it up.  Oh.  Here it is.  She said in a New York Times interview:

“How can I vote for a president who won’t wear a flag pin?” and “I watch him on TV. I keep looking for that lapel pin.”

I don’t know where this came from.  A blog.  I heard about this originally on Friday’s Rachel Maddow Show but I just googled and I’m quoting from here:

Her husband was injured in a coal mining accident 25 years ago and can’t work.  Nash has been the bread winner all these years.  This part of Pennsylvania is known for coal mining and formerly a steel center.  That went away years ago.  Latrobe is also known as the home of Rolling Rock beer until bought by Anheuser Busch.  Brewing was moved to Newark in 2006.

Okay.  So imagine Mrs. McCabe’s financial situation and the outlook for her town.  I was in western Massachusetts a few years back.  Small towns that used to be mill towns or had a plant from a large company.  All dried up.  Those folks are struggling.  So I think about the economic outlook of Latrobe, PA and like some others it does make you wonder.  Of all the things that are important to Mrs. McCabe — it could be the economy, outsourcing, tax incentives to companies that create and maintain jobs in the U.S., health care, wars, rumors of wars — she’s worried about a flag lapel pin.

That’s her criteria for picking the next president?

Is this what Bill Clinton and now Obama are talking about when they say that people are voting against their own interests?  They called that the Southern Strategy used with great success by Reagan’s campaign strategists in the 80’s.  Used xenophobia and racism to convince southern whites to vote against their own economic interests.

Wow.  Listen at me.  So opinionated, so little time.

Oh crap.  It’s after 11 already.  I need to pack it in.  Talk to you later.

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