Race and Isms, Part 2 – Gary Young MySpace Blog

Race and Isms, Part 2

in a loose way, this is related to last night’s blog.

so, there was a woman … the woman pregnant with twins shot in the stomach during a bank robbery.
she survived.

lost her twins today.
aol.com news page.  comments section

1. “I hope they kill the scumbag who did this”
expected.  but then…

2. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the animal who did was was an illegal alien. Those peopel are all scum adn animals.”

3. “Time for the dark race to be wiped from the face of the earth………”

Web 2.0, ladies and gentlemen.  user generated content.

Let me ask you a question.  Think of Hitler, let’s say, or Stalin.  Serial killers like Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, etc.  The guy who … well, let’s not get into details.  Like when that guy kidnapped that kid, and the police tracked him down and found another kid who had been missing for, like, four or five years.  Kidnapped and molested raped abused repeatedly, daily over the course of four or five years, I should say.

The comments weren’t, “See?  That’s how those white people are.  Raping and pillaging like the sick, un-evolved neanderthals that they are.”

Catholic church sex abuse scandal.  You think “priests”.  You don’t think “white men”.

Even with the Columbine massacre and other school shootings that are perpetrated almost always (one exception that I know of) by young white guys, it’s like … people don’t hold it against all Caucasians.  Even the way it’s handled in the media. 

After Columbine the media was asking, “How could this happen?  It must have been the medications they were on.  How have we failed our children?”

But enough of that.  Just some food for thought.  An observation.  Not like it’s news to any of us so I’ll get off it now.  Let’s change the subject to something edifying.  Something that brings me great joy and happiness.  Seriously.

A soothing balm now:

humorous pictures

see more crazy cat pics

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