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$1,000,000 Ideas

I had another million dollar idea today.


Mainly for designer and artsy types.  Specifically made with an adhesive that is LCD monitor-friendly.  Might need some bright, opaque markers.

To vary on the theme, a giant transparent post-it note that fits over the entire monitor screen.  So you can whiteboard on your monitor.

Of course, the danger is that someone may forget that they removed it and draw on their expensive hardware.

A co-worker googled it today and not only did someone already think of it.  They blogged about it. But no has produced it yet.  Close but not quite.


Heard a story about taco trucks in LA.  Laws are being passed against them because they fly under the radar, so to speak.  Restaurant owners are trying to get the local government to pass a law that forces taco trucks to only park for one hour.

That’s bad for repeat business.

So how about a way to track them via GPS.  And via cell phones.  Kind of like that phone service that lets you see your friends as dots on a map.  But this would need a way to let you know where the scheduled spots are.

Eh.  Maye this is a bad idea, now that I think about it.  I guess technology can’t solve everything.

I am requesting that someone invent a super light but high fidelity speaker.  If you’re not a musician you may not have any idea of how heavy amplifiers are.  They’re ridiculous.  It’s the 21st century!  We must have the materials to make a light weight, durable, high power, quality speaker.

It can be digital.  That’s cool.  Lots of amazing amp simulation modules out there.

Wait a minute.  Does that Bose monitor/PA system count?  Eh.  I don’t know.  Haven’t heard them.  They’re tall, though.  The music world needs something portable.  One-person portable. So it can fit on…


And I want it to fit into my super duper amplifier/storage unit/built-in dolly with extendable handle gadget.  Store compartments with labels for picks, cables, adapters, extra strings, tuners.  The amp is made so that you can tilt it back at a variety of angles and … uh … what else.  The amp is detachable from the rig.

And they’re somehow attachable like train cars to other rigs.  So you can bring your amp and supplies in one and rack-mounted effects on another if you’re that much of a gear head.

And the rig could double as a stool.

I don’t think that’s asking too much.

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