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The Obama-Clinton Divide
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Here’s what I was trying to say in the previous blog:

The previous generations built the infrastructure, secured the resources and fought to level the playing field.  Our generation … well, we use the infrastructure, consume the resources and use our freedoms to do whatever the heck we want.

They were the builders, we’re the consumers.  They were the believers, we’re the skeptics.  Thus, our economy falters, flounders and tries to stagger to its feet … um, on the backs of imported, outsourced or immigrated labor.

Symptoms of wanton wealth.  Being overly wealthy should be a classified mental disorder in the DSM IV.

There’s a commercial that comes on during the morning news where a frustrated woman is lamenting to her husband.  And what’s the problem?  She’s bored with her kitchen and wants to get a new one.

And that’s fine.  If you want a new kitchen, by all means get it remodeled.  Nothing wrong with that, necessarily.  But it got me thinking about the juxtaposition.

In some parts of the world people are literally starving; something that I and most of us can’t imagine.  They want food.  We … we don’t just want food.  We want a new kitchen.

I went to a cafeteria style buffet for lunch recently.  Workers bringing out trays of food-like substances.  But then on NPR they talk about food shortages around the world.

There’s no food shortage on this planet, whether or not soy and corn by-products are used to make ethanol.  There’s no food shortage.  We’ve just got most of it, paying our farmers not to grow certain crops, while importing food from all around the world.

No food shortage.  Just completely out of balance.  It’s probably safe to say that I’m addicted to food.  Not just in the “need food to survive” way but in a “Oh I’m bored what do I have to eat” or “Okay it’s time to stress eat” way.

I’m kind of an elitist.  I realize that every time I go to Dundalk on the weekends.  I’ll stop to get gas at the 7-11 and … man.  I feel out of place, uncomfortable.  It’s that ghetto ass Jerry Springer vibe.  If you want to hear teenage girls (white or black) using the word “f*ck” as a noun, verb and/or adjective while smoking and arguing with their baby daddy, come check out southeast Baltimore County.

If you’ve never seen a cigarette hag or want to learn what crack and meth addicts look like, I’ve got the place for you.  And this is a horrible thing to say, but if you want to see why people don’t want to have public housing projects built in their neighborhoods … well.  Obese diabetic women who think they’re all that and a bag of chips?

See?  Told you I’m an elitist.  Prejudiced.  I can’t deny it.

So even though I’m kind of blown away by blatant racism and want to expose it to all the world with a righteously indignant sense of justification when I see it … I can’t act all superior.

On “The Daily Show”, here are three quotes from three different women who happen to be white, older and, yes, fatter in West Virginia regarding Barack Obama.  You ready?  This is priceless:

Quote 1
“I guess because he is another race.  I’m sort of scared of the other race. Cause we have so much conflict with ’em.”

Quote 2
“He’s a Muslim and, you know, that has a lot to do with it.”

Quote 3
“I don’t like the Hussein thing.  I’ve had enough of Hussein.”

Wow!  Hardcore.  Oh!  I want to show you a chart if I can find it.  I think it’s fascinating.  Can you tell that my attention span is fading?  This graphic is a little old now but if you’re interested in data visualization and the trends they can identify, you’ll appreciate this.

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