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A (Satur)Day in the Life
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Hey.  Guess what.

There’s no such thing as google.clom.  You know what I love about the ol’ internet?  The bunch of tubes that it is.  Googling, searching, filtering.  There are things that I am obsessed with.  Things that I enjoy to a degree that I can’t explain them:  maps and knives/swords.  And minimal information problems.  Finding something based on little to no information.  Problem solving.

Like just now I was looking for an article I saw online some time last year.  After twenty minutes of searching in various ways, using various techniques, phrases, options I finally found it.  You will not be happy with me either.  Hehe.


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And yes it’s more of a testament to the technology than to any skill of my own (other than bizarrely motivated perseverance).  But it’s such a rush to hunt and triumph.  Maybe it’s the same rush as the shopping thing.

Back in 2002 I was driving back across the country, taking the southern route.  I was in Tennessee, near the exit that takes you to Mississippi.  I was listening to the radio — some great jazz radio stations in the south, by the way.  And a lot of farm and hunting reports, too, with the same emphasis as traffic reports.  I heard this song.  It was so mesmerizing, so beautiful, so dissonant.  I later told a friend that if we ever meet alien life/angelic-type beings, their singing voices might sound like this.  The DJ never said who it was and never gave the name of the song, but it made me so happy I had tears in my eyes.

And then, like so much music, it was gone.  Into the ether, so transitory.

So when I got home four days later, one of the first things I did was sit down in front of the computer.  “I am going to find this song.”  So I declared.  And so it came to pass.  It took me about an hour but I found it.  From nothing to something.

How?  The harmonies were very Marsalis-ian so I did various searches for Branford and Wynton.  Used Allmusic.com and Amazon.com.  Listened to clips of anything that I thought sounded it like it could be named the various songs listed.  By the way, the Marsalis brothers have sooooo many albums.  Eventually, after a sputtering start my brain turned over it dawned on me to search for adjectives.  I couldn’t remember the melody or changes so I couldn’t ask a musician friend.  So I searched for something like:  Wynton Marsalis ensemble song dissonant beautiful odd meter.  I found it after listening to a lot of samples and such.

The song is “Sunflowers” From Wynton Marsalis’ “The Marciac Suite”.

I had some good fun on Saturday morning.  I’m usually in bed until 10am and don’t get dressed until around noon, right.  But a co-worker had a soccer game on Sunday morning and she told me about it.  I got my bike together, drove to Gravelly Point just north of Reagan National Airport, parked and rode on the GW trail.  Managed to find my way across one of the bridges and to the soccer fields near the Lincoln and Korean War Memorials, adjacent to the reflecting pool.

The weather was mighty fine.  It was so nice out.  What got me was that there so many people out, walking around, seeing the sights, playing soccer games.  So I guess normally while I’m laying in bed oversleeping to the point of all-day drowsiness, people are out in the world living.  Imagine that.

A few tourists asked me for directions, including a young Russian(?) lady from Chicago.  I gave her directions to the Jefferson Memorial but she went in a slightly different direction so I rode off to catch up with her.  She was cool.  Mellow.  I tagged along for a while and took a picture of her with the memorial in the background.

And of course, because I’m a social moron, I eventually said, “You okay?  Oriented?  Okay.  Take it easy.  Bye.”

Yes, I kick myself.  Often.  Argh!  Last night I designed and ordered business cards via Zazzle.com.  So maybe the next time I could give the archetypal “her” my card and maybe have a walking buddy for a few days.  God, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, the point is that it was amazing to see all the people out, running and biking the GW trail and hanging out around the National Mall.  It was eye opening and a lot of fun to see the city bustling.

I was inspired by my co-worker friend’s playing and bought a soccer ball on the wa yup to B-more.  I’m going to enjoy the pending knee injury from kicking this thing around.

Good times.

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