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That should be a song. I think it will be … soon. Hey! Helen Mirren is in “National Treasure 2”.

I used the word “commiserate” today when I meant to use the word “commensurate”. Doh.

I got a 2GB Creative Zen. It’s the bomb! Why, you ask, would I buy a $70 mp3 player when I already own an iPod and I reeeally want a new iPhone when it comes out? Good question. The answer is audiobooks. I have a subscription to I only get two audiobooks per month, though. Through the public library I can download audiobooks from Overdrive or NetLibrary (they expire and you often have to go on a hold list). They’re WMA files and don’t work on iPods/iPhones. But they work with the Zen. Proper! (said like MC Hammer would say it)

It’s a beautiful little gadget. Only 2GB but it accepts SD memory cards. Oh. And it has an FM radio. Videos, pictures. And it’s a voice recorder. Note: When listening to audio books, set a bookmark before you charge it or turn it off for a long while.

I’m going to start a user interface design blog. I don’t have much to talk about but I’ll think of something. On my website,, the blog section will soon be a UX blog. Or anything geeky I can think of. The first one would/will be titled:

Adobe releases beta versions of Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4 and Soundbooth CS4. For free until shortly after the final versions are released for real. I am quite excited about that.

Go me!

I read an interview of Joy Mountford today in one of the UX blogs I’m subscribed to via Google Reader. I also read some blog hit pieces on her that I didn’t appreciate. I used to work in Joy’s group at Apple in HIG (Human Interface Group). It’s through the internship in her group that my mind and eyes were opened to everything design-y and how I eventually made my way out to California. And that got me thinking.


  • I never thanked Joy for that opportunity. Thank you, Joy. Joy is a powerhouse. I’ve always been intimidated by her despite the fact that she’s always been cool with me.
  • Or Denise C. for arranging that whole program.
  • Mack for supporting me.
  • Stephanie Houde for taking me under her wing. Working with/for her was an apprentice-ship. It was so fun and so rewarding. I miss her and Lori and the whole crew.
  • I have to thank all the Apple ATG folks. Mike Graves, Jim Spohrer. The SK8 crew: Brian Roddy, Hernan Epelman-Wang, John Lily.
  • Oh! Thanks to Kurt Schmucker who introduced me to SK8, Kendo and Naginata. Another mentor and a great guy.
  • Thanks to Ruben Kleiman for the ride at CG Time/Cariocas. What a great, talented guy.
  • Dr. Freeman Hrabowski for the Meyerhoff Scholarship Program. And for all of his support, advice, wisdom, energy and guidance. He’s an amazing human being.
  • Dr. Baras for letting me get the heck out of College Park and graduate so I could leave the realm of Electrical Engineering and run towards UI. I got out of there by the skin of my teeth and that was only because of the generosity of certain profs.
  • All the DDC folks who gave verbal referrals or agreed to so I could get the job at Navteq. Cope, Gurtzy, Lars, Andy.
  • I’m learning a LOT from Alejo Jumat. I can pre-thank him right now.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of professional gratitude. The ones off the top of my head.

If I were to go on I’d have to start with the music realm:

  • Tim Bulkley for introducing me to the jazz scene and the De Anza scene that led to my California musical “career”. And for all the sessions. Wherever Tim goes there’s music for music’s sake. Oh. Not to mention giving me a place to stay during my last days in California.
  • James Windsor Wells. I don’t think I’ve met anyone more willing to make music than James. Every musician should have a friend like James. He’s shown me some great beach areas, too. You can never know too many good beaches.
  • Tony Slajs. Provided the final launching point for my strategic retreat from the west coast. He took in me and Leika even WITH seven cats in the house. Good friend. And for being the only other person I know who’s even more of an MST3K and everything riff-y geek than I am. And enjoying cheesesteaks as much as I do.
  • Roger Letson for all the opportunities, including the trip to France. Stephanie Austin is so selfless. She baby-sat Leika for three weeks, juggling her with their own dog AND a cat. Even when on the very last night when I came back from France (I fell into a coma-like sleep and didn’t pick her up when I was supposed to) — on that night Leika bit Cody. Stephanie juggled all of that, too, with the patience and grace of a saint.
  • Sadie Flick for being a true friend at one of my lowest points in life (whether you know it or not). You rock.
  • Tim Volpicella and Scott Sorkin for making “Visceral” possible. Both great guitarists and studio producers/engineers.
  • All of my guitar teachers: Jake Sheffer, Robert “WaWa” LeGrand, Jim Pyzgurski.
  • Robert Carnochan, my high music teacher, for providing an environment for my musical experimentation: trumpet, tuba, electric bass, a little sax. A comfortable environment for band geeks. It felt like home there for a while.
  • Smith Dobson for being the heart of the whole Garden City jam session scene where I met Tim. He was so patient and encouraging. The first time I went to the jam session, I was so nervous beforehand that I forgot my $20 cashback at the grocery store and ran over one of the parking space divider things. He made me feel so comfortable that when there was a fire in my apartment building and I was effectively homeless the only place I could think to go was to Garden City.
  • Lori Leahy let me “house-sit” for her during that period. So I didn’t have to sleep under the desk at work with Leika.
  • Andy Liu for introducing me to so many mountain biking trails in the Bay Area. And for taking me backpacking for the first time ever. And MTBing at North Star. Double black diamond trails in the summer. Gnarly.
  • The Harris family took me in. They were/are my family away from home.
  • The same can be said of the Windsor Wells household. Like the Harrises(sp?), their generosity and warmth are a … blessing. For lack of a better word.
  • Brynn Johnson played diplomat and entertained me with some good mini-golf games. I want to see you in your independent life. Rock on.
  • Janna Mordan introduced me to the Landmark Forum and became a good friend who is so supportive of my music, writing, self-improvement and anything I undertake. That’s so cool. What’s that term I used to use for your … whatchamacallit? “Compassionate bluntness.” My best funky fresh flows were in emails to her.
  • Sally Grisedale took Leika in on many occasions and then she took me in — a shelter in the storm. We went on so many dog-friendly walks and hikes. And she’s a User Experience inspiration. You know those people, even when their life is going crazy, they have a contagious aura of stability and foundation. When she sets her mind to a project … wow. Her backyard feels like a resort.

Man. I’m tired. But you see that? This list doesn’t even include my family. I could write a book. And that was just off the top of my head, sitting her at the keyboard. I’m lucky to know all of those people. All of you people. And many more. And hopefully many more to come.

Oh.  I also have to add:

Delandria Mills.  She helped me out with many gigs when I moved back from Baltimore.  I met a lot of Baltimore/Peabody/DC musicians through her.

And Todd Marcus, whom I met through Lyle.  Todd is doing so much to establish a solid jazz scene in Baltimore.  It’s definitely an uphill battle.  He also saw “Passion of the Christ” with me.  Now that’s a friend.

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S. Flick I

Really? I had no idea. I’ve kept in touch with you because I really look up to you. It’s hard to find true mentors. I consider you one.

Hey hey, can I call you this week? I’m coming into town this saturday, till thursday. If you can fit me in the schedule. Nathaniel (my boyfriend) doesn’t get off work till like 2 during the week, and I was going to take the train from Baltimore to DC on some of those days where he would meet me after work. You wanna meet me/us there one of the days?? I would love it if you could! But whatever’s clever, just let me know what’s convenient for you so we can kick it at some point.

Hey- thanks so much for pointing me toward cool activities too.
I can’t wait!

Posted by S. Flick I on Jun 8, 2008 4:28 PM
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Gary Young

Yep. Really.

Really?? Goodness.

You may call me this week.

And here’s another cool activity for you (in DC). Artomatic.

Incoming email…

Posted by Gary Young on Jun 8, 2008 11:25 PM
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