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A blog for blog’s sake.

It is 100 degrees with a breeze.  It’s like being in a convection oven.  We cookin’.

I wanted to go mountain biking this weekend.  It would be the first time this year.  What’s happened to me?  Still, I don’t think it would be wise to ride for the first time when it’s 100 degrees and insanely humid.  Maybe I could go for a light ride.  Not leave the valley.  Maybe.

I’ve got a lot of work to do today.  Just don’t feel like being inside to do it.  Oh well.  If we get

That was a few days ago.  I got a lot of Charlie Chan (and Mr. Moto) movies on Tivo.  This stuff is straight up racist.  Good grief.  Then they have the nerve to toss a shuckin’ and jivin’ black assistant into the mix just to make sure they’ve got the bases covered.  And yet I like Charlie Chan movies, regardless.  The commentary in between by an Asian American historian makes me feel better about myself.  You know, like:

It happened.  The movies were made.  They’re part of cinematic history and here’s what they are and the stories behind them.  Peter Feng, the historian providing commentary between shoes provides a fascinating perspective.  The movies began to become less popular, losing support from certain studios because they were worried about the stereotypes of black people upsetting the European market.

I saw something weird the other day.  Walking to my car from the Metro, a young black guy with a lot of hair.  Casually dressed.  He walked past me … like everyone else.  I am the slowest walker ever.  Even women who are 5′ nothin’ in heels pass me on the way to the train.  My theory is that I’m actually walking so fast that time and space warp and … whatever.

So this guy walks by, his hands behind his back.  I thought, he walks like old Chinese and Indian people.  Strolling, walking leisurely, enjoying the day with their hands behind their backs.  Then I noticed that his hands seemed to be kind of stuck behind his back.  Then I realized that he was handcuffed.

Uh … okay.  Have a nice walk, buddy.

Degree Cool Comfort deodorant and anti-antiperspirant.  I don’t know what Defense Against the Dark Arts master brewed this wonderfully effective chemical compound, but it’s good stuff.  Even under 100 degree Fahrenheit, 115 degree heat index conditions.

Oh man.  I’ve got stuffs to do so I’m going to get out of here.  More politics, race and gay news recently so I’ll be bloggin’ ’bout it in the near to immediate future.

Until then, America.

Oh.  Check this out:
Obama vs. Clinton Interactive Graphic

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