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UX: Baltimore Jazz Alliance
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In theory, I started a UI/UX design blog.  I have posted next to nothing.  So whenever I’m feeling design-y it’s going to be here for now.

Todd told me about the BJA the other week and how they were looking to update their website and also their event calendar.  He asked if I’d be interested in helping out.

Sure.  Why not, sez I.  It seemed like it would be a fun little project and it was a low hanging fruit.  Lots of information and a great resource for local jazz fans but not pretty to look at, y’know.

While I was standing in a stupidly long line to get an iPhone I was talking to Todd and he told me he’d be volunteering at Artscape in Baltimore this weekend.  What a great time that would be to roll out the new BJA site.

Here’s what I managed, the before and after.  The calendar will follow soon.  I need to come up with a style sheet for it and hand it off to the webmaster.

Baltimore Jazz Alliance website

It’s all about white space.  If you’re a designer or aspiring designer, white space is your friend.

Do you remember when the masses first got their hands on the internet?  Everything was blinking and busy and crazy.  People without any graphic design background all of a sudden found themselves designing things.  Cool, but not necessarily pretty.

Part of the reason was because people tried to emphasize things with bold, italic, red, blinking, bigger text or pictures.  And to fill up the emptiness, background images became popular.

In trying to emulate some of the more attractive designs I’ve seen on the web, I’ve found that often if you want to emphasize something, you can do so by de-emphasizing something else.

Or to set something off, visually, you can either use a subtle border or let the white space between sections provide the visual border.

Make sure things are nicely aligned, contrast the clean spacious content with a stunning, colorful photograph or image and you’ll have yourself a sparkling clean, friendly, inviting design.

Here are some sites that I use for design inspiration and ideas.





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It’s not a web page site, but presentationzen. com is top of my list.

I’m off to consider the relationship between white space and silence.


Posted by Rob on Jul 22, 2008 10:07 PM

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