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Tans & Hypocrisy

Down in South Carolina at the beach.  Got me thinking.


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Beach towns are full of beautiful people.  Of course, beautiful people tend to gravitate to beach towns.  They can flaunt their beautiful bodies in the sun, meet other beautiful people.  You know.  Become life guards, maybe.

Beach towns are also full of pale, flabby tourists.  I admire those that just don’t give a damn and throw on that bathing suit anyway.  Sweaty, fat, hairy.  Doesn’t matter.  They’re at the beach.  Doing their thing right next to the beautiful people.

It’s amazing what a tan can do for someone’s image, their appearance.  And I mean a natural “I’ve been in the sun for days enjoying myself” tan.  I love seeing people when they have that sun-soaked look.  Dark folks get tans, too, by the way.  But the thing is, a beautiful person on the beach may be more or less average, but with a look of activeness, if that’s a word.  It’s what people should look like.  And I was thinking, how many obese or overweight people do you see with tans?

I figure that’s what’s wrong with us.  You don’t have to do anything to get a tan but be outside, which probably means you’re ambulatory somehow.  You’re walking somewhere, doingyardwork , walking the dog, fishing, bird watching.  Something.  In order to be pale, you’ve got to be a lazy so-and-so.  And I mean lazier than people are meant to be.  Lazier than we’re designed to be.

Any culture in a temperate climate full of pale people is out of balance.

I do like beach towns.  Not only are they full pulchritude, they’re full of dreamers.  Maybe I’ll slim down and be one of those guys on the beach with a guitar and a pig-nose amplifier serenading the tide.

Why is there no Ghirardelli’s chocolate mix in Myrtle Beach?

Do you know why the iPhone is so sweet?  Because it makes your stuff look beautiful.  Your notes, your music, your emails, your voice mail messages.


I was wondering what was taking so long.  That Edwards affair thing was out and exposed weeks ago (by the National Enquirer).  And the news outlets just would NOT talk about it.  Weird.

I’ve heard liberal folks rationalize as to why they didn’t talk about it.  Not that it’s more important than all the other stuff going on.  But just because Edwards isn’t a moral crusader or holy roller, Libs want to give him a free pass, saying “It’s not important” or “He’s not in office anymore” or “So do we have to cover every sex scandal?”.

This is a guy who could have been President or Vice President.  He was running for office while he and, I think, his wife knew that this skeleton was waiting in the closet.  Can you imagine if Edwards were the presumptive nominee right now and this popped out of the box?  Come to think of it, this is probably why he dropped out when he did.  “I’m going all the way to the convention!  Oh, wait.  I quit.”

I heard someone say:  “I guess Republicans admit to sin and Democrats admit to narcissism.”

I don’t know what it is with our culture.  The only sin is hypocrisy.   You can cheat on your spouse, do dark things to minors, any type of drug or alcohol addiction, drive drunk, abuse your spouse/kids and the public and the media outlets will eventually give you a free pass.  If people like you, as a celebrity, it might not even affect your image or marketability.  As long as you haven’t been hypocritical, you may even be seen as a victim.

It’s weird.  Amy Winehouse is this close to self-destructing by drug overdose.  She’s been caught with crack.  She might not live to see her late 20’s.  She’s still touring, being booked on award shows.

Bill Clinton got head in the Oval Office and then flat out lied about it.  After the novelty wore off, the general public was like, “Oh well.  Men.”

But let someone affiliated with Conservatism have an affair or something like that and people get pissed and disenchanted and cynical and bitter.  Then they use that as a bludgeon.

Not that I don’t appreciate a good, ironic, hypocritical sex scandal.  I do.  But people are people.  We are flawed.  We misbehave.  I don’t put my faith in anyone to bear the standard,  y’know.  In fact, the more pious someone is, the more I expect them to have another side.  The brighter the light they cast (or the hotter), the deeper the shadow.  Anyone’s who’s got something to prove is compensating.

I just think that it’s odd and backwards to accept and essentially ignore people doing bad things EXCEPT when it’s someone who tells us not to do bad things (or that we think shouldn’t do bad things).


Do a Google search for: Disney underwear dive in

That beats (for depravity) the junior thongs with the picture of cherries or “Daddies little girl” on them.

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