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How many houses…

Expectation is the partner of disappointment.

I called someone a city snob the other day.  Jokingly, of course, but you know how sometimes you make a wisecrack and realize a pattern?

Now that I work in the city I’m learning a little bit about city life and city dwellers.  There are a lot of gay people in the city.  Or people who are more comfortable being openly gay. 
There are all types of people in the city.  It’s amazing.

I’ve also learned that people who live in the city feel kind of superior about it.  I think I told you about the one woman — attractive, bubbly,zaftig — on a personals site who says in her profile:  “If you don’t live in the city I’ll instantly delete your email without reading it.”

Talking to other people there’s a definitely a sense of, what, something.  Supercilious cosmopolitan socialites over suburban commuter warriors.  It’s the city bubble.  You know, you stop driving, get rid of your car, find the places you enjoy, development brings more conveniences inside the beltway. ZipCars, SmartBikes .  Then, because you don’t have to, you lose track of everything happening outside of the urban bubble.  Anything outside of the bounds is suddenly a long way away.  Foreign.  Then the siege mentality begins.  Suburban invaders.

I’m also noticing a lot of segregation.  By class, definitely, but also racially/culturally.  There are so many nationalities in DC but it’s very cliquish.  You’ll see people congregating in a working professional context but outside of that it’s business as usual.  Maybe I feel that way because I’ve walking around Georgetown.  Not a whole lot of black people there other than the panhandlers and occasional homeboys.

Oh oh oh.  I was pretty excited earlier today because I discovered the DC Circulator.  SmarTrip card works for it, too.  Runs every ten minutes.  That puts even more things within reach.

Oh no!  Oral allergy syndrome.  I just ate some nectarines and peaches.  Instant lip swelling.  I have popped the necessary benadryl but I just made a decision.  I’m going to get allergy desensitization shots next year.  Or … when would I get them?  If you know anything about that please let me know.  Cross-reaction.  People with allergies to fresh fruits have reactions to Birch or other tree/grass or viceversa.

I love fruit and raw-ish vegetables so this is unacceptable.

I love shrimp, too, but I can do without them … if I have to.  I ate one the other night that was in fried rice.  Within a half hour of the meal my pulse was pounding and I was feeling weird.  It used to be just gastro- discomfort but these days eating shrimp actually hurts — physically hurts the plumbing.

Okay, I’m slow, but I realized something today when I was listening to “The Visionary Activist Show”.  It’s a weird show.  Very hippy, Berkeley, Wiccan-ish whatever.  But anyway, I realized that Progressive and Democrat are very different things.  I guess it’s just that the people who make the most noise seem more influential than they actually are.

Barack Obama is not a progressive candidate.  So all of the Obama bashing in KPFA is ancillary or peripheral.  That’s a good thing because progressive liberals are often intent on … I don’t know what.  But they get a kick out of doing the opposite of what is popular.

They point to Penny Pritzker, Obama’s campaign finance manager, I think.  She was chairman at a bank that focused on sub-prime mortgage loans.  And oddly, her brother worked somehow for or with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

I don’t know what their goal is.  It doesn’t seem to be to encourage people to vote for a third party candidate.  It’s definitely not for people to vote for McCain.  Is it to not participate in this election at all?


Mr. McCain can’t remember how many houses he and his wife have.  Did you see that?  It was something like 9.  Listen to either the first or second hour of TRMS to hear about Cindy McCain and her notion of house ownership.  Man, she is rich beyond my understanding.  Do Senators swing that kind of influence, where super rich women, heiresses, see them as viable suitors?

Apparently, Mrs. McCain said in a Vogue interview:

It is a late Sunday afternoon in April, and I am sitting in a condominium in Coronado, California, taking in the view of the gorgeous San Diego Bay with Cindy McCain. She closed on the place just two weeks earlier, and the only things unpacked so far are the family photos that dot almost every surface. It’s her family’s second condo in the building. “I like the ocean, and the kids love it here, and I love that,” she tells me, curled up on a nondescript couch that looks like it might have come with the apartment. “When I bought the first one, my husband, who is not a beach person, said, ‘Oh, this is such a waste of money; the kids will never go.’ Then it got to the point where they used it so much I couldn’t get in the place. So I bought another one.”

Wow.  That’s rich.  At $2 million a pop.

Oh well.  So it goes.  I bet she and her beach condo sons aren’t sitting around on a Friday night blogging and nursing their swollen lips. Whoo!  Party!  I’m a wild man.

Okay.  Enough.  I’m going to … wow it’s late.  Guess it’s bed time.  TGITW.

G’night, America.

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