The Gender Card

You know what I think is funny? I’m writing this like people are reading it. A little ego involved, maybe? But then again, this is the internets. Heck, even the President himself could Google “Palin McCain Obama Iced Tea personals bachelor” and stumble across this.

Okay. Let’s get to it. I’m all in a tizzy here. Can’t keep my head straight. Much to do, much to google, many YouTube videos to embed.

This says so much and, of course, does it much better than I have ever done. Then again, Mr. Stewart does have a team of writers and such.

Here’s one reason, two actually, that I don’t want John McCain in the White House.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson. Plus a number of professional athletes. The conservative talking heads bang the “cult of personality” drum regarding Obama. They say that liberals are elitist, in bed with celebrities. But the Republican party is the one that votes celebrities into office! Or nominates them for President.

Funny how the tables have turned. Conservatives cry sexism. Weird. Is it more sexist to suggest that a woman can’t handle criticism? By the way, can I say that I’m sick and tired of the blanket “liberal media” claim whenever the questions get tough? That is so trite. Good strategy, but a cynical, condescending strategy.

Governor Palin hasn’t been vetted at all and
yet these folks are crying foul because the media is digging into
every aspect of her life just like they did with the other candidates and have questions. Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele said that Pain got more scrutiny in the past 5 days than Obama did in the past 18 months. What?! What??!!! Negro, please.

  • Troopergate
  • Bridge to Nowhere flip flop
  • Earmarks
  • Supporting Ted Stevens
  • Budget deficit (if I heard correctly)
  • Her crazy pastor

Then there are her socially hard-right conservative views. She hasn’t spoken to the press yet on her own except for the carefully done statement earlier today. No questions allowed.

Liberals seem to be thoroughly perplexed by this woman, [ed grimley voice] I must say [/ed grimley voice]. Yesterday, my favorite political talk show host, Rachel Maddow, was still thinking Palin’s nomination could be withdrawn. Not bloody likely. Today Rachel didn’t have much to say about Palin, which I thought was odd at best. Maybe she was talked out from arguing with Pat Buchanan on Race for the White House, which I never listen to. David Bender in the third hour, whom I do not enjoy listening to, and guest convention co-host Michael Reagan were spinning and working the angles like crazy. Snarky, snide comments, taking potshots at Palin and McCain that aren’t informative or helping the cause. It’s not pretty.

The thing is, they expected Palin’s family, er, drama to put off the right-wing base. And it didn’t. It rallied them. Then Palin’s speech last night was magical for that base. It was well done and crafted. She’s their super star. Their answer to youth, vim, personality and charisma. Did you see her 7-year old last night? Adorable. Big ol’ family, sons in the military. Raising a baby with Down Syndrome. For goodness sake, she’s as much symbol as she is politician. They even brought Bristol’s f—ing redneck boyfriend/fiance to the convention. Oh. And those are his words, not mine. From his MySpace page. And he was uncomfortable, but that’s just more endearing — a real life artistic touch — because regular people are uncomfortable when they see their own faces bigger than life on a jumbo-tron screen.

Heck. Obama’s family and story with all of its character and dichotomous symmetry are, for now, overshadowed by the quirkiness and drama of Palin’s. Of course, it has to be that way. If Obama’s family were anything other than squeaky clean … you know how that would go. Swift boating ahoy. I mean, imagine if Obama had a stepbrother addicted to crack or something like that.

Okay I can’t watch McCain’s speech anymore. It’s making me uncomfortable. Little tenseness what with all the U-S-A chanting and … are those protestors? Damn it, Code Pink! Get the hell out of there! You’re NOT HELPING!

I was going to write about sexism and “playing the gender card”. It’s been running through my mind all day but that Daily Show video says it all. Check it out.

Anyway, I’m tired of thinking about it all. I need a break. Needs me a radical sabbatical, baby!

Take care, America. Stay informed but not overwhelmed. I say we, as a nation, take the day off on Nov. 4th because Election Day should be a national holiday.

That is all.

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