VP Debate Night

Sheila blogged a response to my last entry, Sarah Palin & the GOP.  Much appreciated.  It’s nice to have a little back and forth.  Keeps me honest.

Does Joe Biden look tired?

There were a few things mentioned that caused a few neurons to fire.  You know, when you read something and think, “Oh wait.  I have something to say.”

Michael Steele

He’s cool.  I didn’t appreciate the “And make no mistake.  Drill, baby.  Drill” statement.but he’s a stand-up guy.  Could have been a good VP pick for McCain maybe.    You know, I was a little put off when O’Malley was elected governor.  For some reason, I decided that I didn’t like him.  The main reason was the state of Baltimore City school system.  I couldn’t believe he was talking about education when the state of the schools when he was mayor of Baltimore was abysmal.

I had moved back to Baltimore from the Bay Area and listened to a lot of WEAA (which I affectionately call Angry Black Man Radio).  When I finally got work I was commuting from Baltimore to Old Town Alexandria and had a lot of quality time with morning radio.  And evening radio.  Dr. Tyrone Powers, George Collins, Anthony McCarthy in the morning, and others.  (It’s a shame WEAA was/is late to the podcast/MP3 game.  So much of that stuff is lost to history.)  They, of course, railed against O’Malley’s admin and pretty much any administration that came along.

But I digress, as usual.

Anyway, black Republicans do take some heat.  Not considered black enough, called Oreos, Uncle Toms.  That ain’t cool, even though some of these guys make my head spin sometimes.  Like Armstrong Williams taking money from the Bush Administration to tout their education policy on his radio show.  Bleh.  But that’s not to say that the black Republican folks aren’t generally upstanding citizens.  I think they just want to forward the script a bit.

I get tired of this approach of victimization, too.  That we, as black people, are entitled to whatever or that someone else is going to fix the problems within our community and culture.  I mean, a little help, consideration and tangible recognition is a good thing — it plays a part — but like I conveyed in a previous blog:

Expecting the government to solve our problems is like a rape victim expecting her attacker to make her feel whole, healthy and secure.

I’ve been called an oreo or “not black” myself.  Many times.  I f’ing hate it, by the way.  I’ll meet some people, a new workplace, and after everyone’s comfortable someone will inevitably say that I don’t “act black”.

I don’t want to get off on a whole racial thing here, but you know.  The thing is, African Americans are not a monolithic population.  Just like every other.  There are a lot of poor, middle class and, I assume, an increasing number of upper class black folk.  That means that they have varying interests.  Like an African American small business owner and entrepeneur may not want the minimum wage raised or supports tax breaks for corporations because he/she sees his own business someday expanding into that realm.

You know what I’m saying.

Man, I am so not focused right now.

The Lapel Pin

I looked at some video and photos of the McCain/Obama debate.  Obama seems to be wearing a flag pin and McCain is not.  I also did a little googling to see what Obama had to say about it.

Oh, Look.  Biden and Pailn are making eye contact in their debate.

Obama said…

(to be continued…)

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