Re: Isms – Black People, Religion & Politics

And this entry is a response to this blog.  If you read that blog and disagree, please (again) let’s continue to be civil.


That’s like catnip to me.  If this were a trap in the wild I would be snared because I can’t resist writing my thoughts in response.

This sentence in particular:  “[Christian Conservatives] just want a candidate we can relate to.”

I think that’s a fair statement.  And it definitely does not make one racist if that leads you to vote for someone other than Obama.  For sure.  Like, Gov. Palin seems like a simple, straightforward, family woman with conservatives values that resonate with a lot of people.

By the same token, even if black people voted for Obama because he’s black … well, keep in mind that it’s the same kind of thing.  He was raised by a single mother, worked hard to pursue his education, worked in the community as an organizer, is a family man.  So it’s not just a black thing or a white thing, it’s a cultural, socio-economic, political… whatever.

You know what I’m saying.

However, that’s not the reason that many black or other people are voting for Sen. Obama.  They’re voting for him because they support his views and his approach.  A common sense muscular (for lack of a better word) compassionate approach.

And some people are voting for him because they disagree with the Republican Party or are unhappy with the results of the past eight years of a Republican Administration.

C’mon.  There were a lot of … not good.


And one more thought before I eat bacon.

A lot of churchgoing black folk are socially conservative, although the focus is a little different.  But I’d like to posit that there is more to being conservative than the issues of abortion and homosexuality.    Well, “conservative” is totally the wrong word here.  Compassionate.  Even Biblical.

I’m no Bible scholar but I do know that Jesus taught compassion for the poor, prisoners, children, women, the old and infirmed, the crippled and untouchables, prostitutes, publicans and sinners in general.

So not only does the post-modern Christian have to contend with abortion and gay marriage, they also are concerned about our country’s policies regarding immigrants, poverty, crime, drug abuse, disparate education, disease, health, environmental issues, homelessness, broken families, divorce rates.

Many black communities are suffering from these ills.  All kind of communities, in fact.  I firmly believe that it’s more class-based these days than race-based.

Point being, all of these issues are critical as well.  So perhaps these black Democrat church going citizens are taking more into account than the Big Two.

And given these other issues, even socially/culturally conservative blacks are often economically or politically liberal.  And given the nature of our communities, we tend to be affected by all of these things or know people who are or have relatives who are affected by these things.

I mean, a life in the womb is precious.  And so is the child who thinks that their only avenue to success is dealing drugs and is skipping school because he/she doesn’t think it’s relevant to their life.  And the elderly person who needs assistance.  And the homeless men and women sleeping on benches a few blocks from the White House.  Wounded and disfigured veterans.

I could go on but my brain hurts.  It’s been a long day.

Time to eat

Okay.  Ooooone more thought.  I think that repealing the tax cuts Pres. Bush gave to the wealthiest among us is social justice.  If I’m paying between 26% and 33% of my salary to gov. taxes, why do they get away with 11%.  Or less, because I’m sure they have ways of sheltering their money from taxation.

Y’know?  Flat tax!  Rascal Flats Tax.

And now I’m officially off the rails.

Bacon time.

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  1. Sheila

    Well, I had written a really great response, and sat on it overnight….and my computer decided to update and restart, thereby —poof! So I am starting anew.

    First, thanks for the “civil” remark.

    My statement – Christian conservatives just want a candidate we can relate to–
    it is not the same kind of thing just to base someone on the color of their skin. Sure blacks may identify with someone else who is black, but I could show you several instances, where that may be the ONLY quality that is similar.

    And to be honest, NONE of the candidates (ever) struggled the way I know I did, or some of my friends who had it worse.

    And I really dislike having to point out: The media is IN LOVE with this man. This same media treats the other side just the opposite. I would like to see the scrutiny made over him that has been made to the other side.

    And for my independent friends, what about the other parties? These other candidates spend their money and report just like the big guys….but no one reports on them, unless they are nuts. And there isnt a chance they can ever get elected the way that our Electoral College is ran.

    But back to the matter at hand….I agree that democrats are sick of the last 8 years. So are Republicans – but there are things that occurred in our country to start us down the road to ruin (so to speak). Im not going to stand on 9/11 like a crutch, but this event caused a “ripple effect” on our economy.

    We all know whats gone on since then, with that part of our budget mess

    I can put everything else to one word….Greed
    Havent we all heard it? Sure, buy at this price and in a few years, refi since we were also told our homes would have much more value…..big joke to many-huh?

    Thats why so many homes are STILL on the market. Sellers have to make a certain amount of money, just to payoff that debt they refinanced, and additionally pay a penalty.

    As for being conservative, I am more than pro-life. This is just a couple that you mentioned.
    -I am not judgemental regarding homosexuals. Its not my place to do that. But I dont think they should be married. Couples can consult with an attorney and draft legal papers- a power of attorney and living will supercedes in most situations.
    -Immigration: I think if you want to be here, and get assistance/use services from our country, you need to be here legally. I also think they should go back to having immigrants learn our language. (Franks father came from Germany as a child with his mother, and they had to learn English. The are both democrats and feel the same way I do about this)

    Economic uncertainty is something we ALL deal with. Our country’s citizens are losing jobs everyday. If you have a job, you should count your blessings.

    I am a 37 yr old white woman, who grew up in Sparrows Point / Dundalk. My mom worked at Highs and my dad worked at the rink and Giant. My grandparents (dads side) came down from Wilkes Barre (a coal mining town in PA) to work at the shipyards when it opened.

    You think Im living large?
    Does anyone think I dont struggle to pay my bills?

    Blacks & Whites have similar economic problems. Our backgrounds may not be similar, but we all have problems.

    And Gary, one more thing……
    Stop talking about bacon – your making me hungry!

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