No bacon tonight.

Seriously, everyone.

I want you to know that I don’t always write about political stuff. I’m kind of tired of hearing my own mental/writing voice.  I want to get back to my useless, meandering ramblings about life and things in general.  Still, I feel compelled to quash the voices in my head.  They are the psychological huddled masses that are yearning to be free (and they’re not shy about it).

I learned something today.

Eyeballs don’t like being groped.

Good grief.

So I finally got the contact lenses in my eye.  And eventually got them out.  Clumsily.  Unfortunately, you have to get them in and out twice before they send you home with all your stuff.

But I did get my new glasses today.  Transition lenses, at that.  Titanium flex frames.  All of this technology sure has progressed in the ten years since I’ve been to the eye doctor.

And speaking of eye groping, I saw the cutest woman today.  On the metro, of course.  Short — like 5′ nothin’, petite, curvy.  Meeeooowr.  [sigh]

Who am I kidding.  Oscar Wao has more of a social life than me.

Re: Re:

Thanks again to Sheila for providing comments.  I have thoughts.  Forgive me if I’m repetitive.

First, let me start with this article about Obama’s efforts or accomplishments over the past 11 years.

And, by the way, the New York Times is renowned for its visual representation of information.  In short, their infographics.  Like this one:

If I did this right, clicking the image will link to it.  In other words, you’ll be able to see it full size.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to at least confront the notion that Obama is just a charismatic man in a nice suit.  Or that he’s a pompous egoist akin to a styrofoam Greek column.  And also to say that his legislative record is what attracts people to his politics and candidacy.  There are those who won’t agree with some of these stances, of course, but there is substance there.

And even though people may not be famliar with the specifics of their candidates records, we often have the mien of that candidate in mind when we go to the polls.  Or blog back and forth.


This is ironic.  The media is Obama-friendly these days. I think they and segments of the public are fascinated by his story.  It’s different.  They’re also fascinated by McCain’s story and history.  The whole maverick-y ex-POW thing.  That’s quite a personal resume and makes for great press coverage.

I think they’ve always been more of less respectful of Obama except for a few of those racial things that I have pet peeves about.  Like when black public figures are being interviewed they’re often asked to repudiate another black person that has little or nothing to do with them.

That offends me.

To my knowledge, no one has asked Pres. Bush or Sen. McCain to denounce things that, say, Pat Robertson has said.  I’ve never seen this:

“Senator McCain, Jesse Helms said the following:

To rob the Negro of his reputation of thinking through a problem in his own fashion is about the same as trying to pretend that he doesn’t have a natural instinct for rhythm and for singing and dancing.’

Would you like to take the time now to repudiate that statement?”

Anyway, I’m off topic.  John McCain was a media darling for the longest time.  Up until a few months ago in fact.  Do you remember the video of him being treated to donuts and coffee by the press covering him?  Remember this (there’s a YouTube video in that article somewhere)?

That’s a true but over-the-top example but it’s well known that McCain was very cozy with the media.  What happened?  I’m not sure.  I think he officially lost his press mojo during his interview with Time Magazine.  This one.

He’s been erratic since then.  Unpredictable.  Obama seems more steady and consistent in comparison.  And Palin.  That’s  a frenzy, although the flavor of the coverage seems to be evolving.


9/11 was definitely the impetus of a lot of crap.  Aside from the tragedy and loss of life, of course.  From what I understand, though, it didn’t have much to do with today’s financial doldrums/recession or whatever we’re in.  Our current mess is a result of greed.  Speculation, the sub-prime mortgage industry and the subsequent credit freeze.

Then again we were encouraged to spend money, to consume.  Consume, we did.


And one last thing.  Oh.  By the way I’m kind of responding to parts of Sheila’s comment but there’s no method to my madness.  I’m picking and choosing as I go.  Googling, trying to remember things I’ve heard or learned recently.


Realizing that we’re just regular folk, you and me, I get a little … befuddled.  I don’t believe in the Trickle Down theory of economics. I believe that it is most definitely NOT in the interest of middle class America.  If the richest are getting tax breaks and our debt is increasing and we’re at war(s) and prices are increasing, guess where that money’s going to come from (regardless of which party is in power).

It’s going to come from you and me.  The regular folk.  The Dundalkians and Sparrow Pointers.  And maybe more so the Perry Hallers and Hunt Valleyers?

When it comes to badly managed wars, guess where the lives are coming from.  Us regular folk.  And that crosses all the racial and ethnic divides.

Pres. Bush and other conservatives were trying to convince us a few months or years ago that we should be putting our retirement investments in the stock market.  Ay caramba.

I am totally rambling here.  The point I’m supposed to be making is that there are some ideological issues that are causing people to vote against their own economic, daily and practical interests.  For example, there are people that are still undecided because they’re firmly Pro Life, but they relate to Obama’s proposed policies for health care and the economy.



I’m officially worn out.  So I’m stopping.  The debate should be over soon.  I’m glad about that.

So … sleepy.  [yawn]  Poor little eyeballs.

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