Planet of the Apes

What the hell is going on?

I made the mistake of reading some conservative blogs this morning.  Well, that wasn’t the mistake, per se.  It was reading the comments that did it.  I can only comfort myself with the knowledge that people who leave comments are already a special breed of individual.  It’s a self-selecting audience.

Of course, it’s also the breed of individual that’s most likely to be the most extreme.  Look at this stuff.  The following image, the one with the Communist flag, was on someone’s blog titled “Why Obama Scares the Crap Out of Me” in which videos from Glen Beck’s show are included.  Those videos are about Jeremiah Wright and a Black Liberation Theology guy.

If you’re keeping track here, if you’re paying attention, you’ll see that there are simultaneous accusations accusing Obama of being:

  • a terrorist
  • a Muslim
  • an Arab
  • a black liberation theologist
  • not an American citizen (a Kenyan)
  • a socialist
  • a communist
  • a dangerous egotist
  • unintelligent
  • gaffe prone
  • not black
  • not white
  • a celebrity
  • leftist radical Muslim
  • Marxist
  • possible Anti-Christ(???)
  • media darling
  • an elitist
  • the Iran-churian candidate
  • a Jihadist

This is the price of constant fear mongering.  What do groups of people do when they’re scared of something?  They lash out.  They become irrational.  Observe:

Hussain Obama was raised a Muslim, and attended Muslim religious school for 4 years. Simply attending a racist “church” in America does not make anyone a Christian. We should take a clue from this, and from his refusal to respect the American Flag, and from his statement in Audacity of Hope about “if the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with them” referring to minorities, ie Muslims. America beware. There is an agenda much more sinister than 9/11. Forget flying airplanes into buildings; now the Muslims are flying their man, craftily disguised, right into our White House as our President, to destroy Freedom from the roots…

So according to this guy, Sen. Obama’s potential presidency is more sinister than the most lethal, frightening attack on American soil.  Senator Obama wants to “destroy Freedom from the roots”?  I mean, in order to believe that you have to believe that Obama is just the worst kind of person.

I’m wondering, what do these folks think will happen if Republicans aren’t in office

Does it boil down to the fact that they’re so scared of black people (assuming that a black President equates to a sudden, drastic shift in wealth and power) that they think it means the end of American civilization?  Is it just me or do these ultra-conservative I’m-scared-of-Obama types envision Planet of the Apes?


When I was in high school I had a lot of friends who lived in Berkshire.  If you’re a Dundalk person these neighborhood names will ring a bell.  I went to Holabird Middle for the 7th and 8th grades so I would ride my bike from Turner Station to Berkshire, streets lined with brick rowhomes, and to Eastpoint Mall sometimes.  It was great in a way.  Lonely in a way, too.  I’d ride around the neighborhood and would randomly see my classmates hanging out, playing.

I got some evil looks.  I was chased once.  A few people thought I was dealing drugs.  Why else would a black kid be riding around their neighborhood, right.  That’s the neighborhood where one of my female friends that I had a crush on — the one whose father hit her when he found out she was dating a black guy (who unfortunately was not me) — that was in Berkshire.

Not to give the place a bad name.  It takes all kinds, y’know.  Hard working blue collar types.  People making a living, raising their kids.  Just … segregated and a lot of racial tension and -ism under the surface.  Or sometimes above the surface.

So anyway, a classmate told me that a black family was moving into the neighborhood on his street and his mother was not happy about it.

And I said, “What does she think is going to happen?  The black people’s kids are going to be swinging around the yard like a bunch of monkeys?”

Or something like that.  He looked at me with surprise, like, “How did you know?”


So it goes.  And these folks act like their lives will be over.  Senator Obama is saying, I want to help the middle class, the common folk, the regular people.  That is especially these hardworking Joe Blows and Bubbas.  The blue collar towns and neighborhoods.  His tax policies, as they’ve been communicated, are designed to give the middle class people a break.

But once again, they are being tricked, herded by their own fear and xenophobia, to vote against their own interests.  Ironically, by rich right-wing conservative pundits.  The six-figure or seven-figure salary right-wing radio jockeys who get paid to sow fear and mistrust while staking claims on patriotism and morality.

America.  America.  I think we can do better.

I’m not naive enough or sheep-like so I’m not saying that Sen. Obama would be the end to all of our ills.  Should he get into office he’s going to have some very serious issues to deal with.  The kind of issues that can take years or decades to resolve.  Longitudinal issues.

I am saying that I hope you will vote based on the issues.  Vote with your frontal lobe and not your limbic system.

This is why voting should be severely restricted…

…or that some people’s votes should count less than others.

It just really frosts me that the votes of people like we heard on that tape count as much as mine does.

There is something really, really wrong with that.


Barrack Hussein Obama must be defeated.

Dave… yep…and I’ve

Dave… yep…and I’ve posted a few of my ideas before…never gonna’ happen in my lifetime anyway…but something has to be done.

It’s been the lefts agenda to dumb down America via education and have them dependent upon them for decades and decades…

We see the results everyday…unfortunately at the polls too.

Our most precious right and privilege..given by the sacrifice and blood of others…reduced to this and the enemy within.

“America isn’t the problem…America is the solution.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

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