I have a few things to say about Joe the Plumber.

Watch or listen to the actual conversation

Apparently, JTP said…

When one correspondent suggested that Wurzelbacher would fare better under Obama’s tax plan than under McCain’s, Wurzelbacher responded, “Whether or not his tax plan, as he states it today, would help me, it still comes down to principles. I don’t want someone else’s hard earned money. How can you be sure they’re not going to change their minds and decide you make too much money and want to take more of it to “spread” to someone else. Unfortunately, as much as Obama says he wants to help out small businesses, this small business opportunity is now dead.”

What the heck is he talking about?  If I have my facts correct his political leanings are Libertarian.  What he’s criticizing here is the notion of a progressive tax system.  Joe doesn’t want someone else’s hard earned money.  It’s a shame that the wealthiest people in America don’t feel that way.  Taxation, as annoying as it is, is all about — its sole purpose — is to redistribute wealth.  Right?  From my paycheck or wallet to the government to the Department of Transportation to the contractor who paves the road.  To public schools.  To the military.

So … Joe doesn’t want someone else’s hard earned money.  But Joe doesn’t seem to mind that his hard earned money and your hard earned money are going to pick up the tab so the wealthiest people in the country can have a break?  A break from what I don’t know.  And they don’t seem to have a problem with that.  Is it just me or is that mind boggling?

Man, that’s weird.  This guy said it pretty well.  Here.  Just watch this:

Me?  I’m all for a flat tax with no loopholes.  I think.  But maybe that wouldn’t work in practice.  Or maybe it would destroy the world and we’d be subjected to the will of dinosaur riding Nazi overlords.

[Forrest Gump voice]And that’s all I have to say about that.[/Forrest Gump voice]

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