Erection Day

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to make an announcement to those of you who don’t know.  Telemundo has officially achieved the perfection of erection technology.  Let me explain.

Or maybe I shouldn’t.  But here’s the deal.  A few months ago I was on the treadmill in the fitness room here ar the apartment complex.  There are TVs and I was surfing the channels, lamenting that it’s only the most basic of cable packages.  I went ’round all the channels a few times.  The TV was muted as I was simultaneously listening to something on my iPod.

I saw what looked like a latino Soul Train but … somehow more.  A beach party latino Soul Train.  No.  I will not be drawn into this, I said.  So I channel surfed some more.  And ultimately I ended up back on Telemundo, like a moth to a flame.

I’m talking about Descontrol.  My god.

After a bit I figured I had to hear it also.  Jessie Camacho.  Rawr.

If the video below won’t play you can view it directly on YouTube here.  (Apparently they’ve disabled embedding.)

I was kind of weirded out.  I mean, I’m seeing all of these bikini-clad gyrations, grinding, copulatory dancing.  Interspersed with music videos.  But … and here’s where the Twilight Zone music started playing.  The music in a lot of the videos was, like, Mexican Polka music.

Little, chubby Hispanic dudes dressed like urban cowboys playing accordion music.

Pardon my ignorance.  Perdoname.  Then the other music was like Latino R&B.  It is an education.  I wonder if there’s some kind of cultural exchange program to the Land of Descontrol.

Go go gadget Tivo!


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  1. garyarthuryoung

    Thanks for the comment?

    Since I’m passing time I’ll clarify that my point was that I do like Descontrol. It’s … different than any of the dance shows I’ve seen before, though, and I need to learn Spanish. But in fact, I like it so much that I Tivo it.

    Aaaaaand time’s up. Thanks for coming, everybody.

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