Talking Turkey: Ten Myths Conservatives Believe About Progressives |

Talking Turkey: Ten Myths Conservatives Believe About Progressives |

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Life, Values, Family

I heard a commentary the other day about France’s economic and social policies that encourage people to have children.  That includes monetary and cultural support.  Six months maternity leave?  Wow.  Their taxes are high and I’m not saying Europe or France in particular is perfect, but they’ve got some things right.  They take on lofty social efforts, for better and for worse.  Here are two articles:


BBC News

So I was thinking.  How many abortions are performed in the US in a year?  If you really want to discourage abortions then support families.  Support mixed families, blended families, adoptive families, foster families.

Create a climate where having children doesn’t automatically mean a conflict or detriment to one’s education or professional life.  Or that doesn’t strain budgets due to health care costs and day care and so on.

Right now, America is not family friendly.  And that’s thoroughly ironic considering how vocal people are when they talk about “family values” and “traditional families”.  The Republican party has tried to monopolize the family as a theme.  And yet they seem to favor the free market over family.

When I say that we’re not family friendly I mean that we resist the idea of a “living wage” as a minimum wage which would make it easier to clothe and feed kids as well as maybe somehow save for higher education.  What about ample time for maternal and paternal leave?  Flexible working hours.  Telecommuting.  And what if you’re a single parent trying to work, maintain a vehicle to get to work, pay for school loans, continue your education and raise your child?  I feel for you.  You’re a superstar.

I’d like to see universal health care and higher education.

We’re living in a country and a time where people, when (accidentally) given the opportunity, abandon their tweens and teens to the state.  Holy crap.  Just like you’d drop off an ill mannered mutt at the pound.  And we think the problem is with abortion?

And I know.  Where would the money come from for all of those programs or whatever?  Beats me.  But we found money for these freakin’ wars.  We can whip up a few trillion dollars or so to pay for the f— ups of banking institutions, speculators, auto manufacturers and Wall St.

But we can’t afford health care, infrastructure or school funding.

Huh.  Whatever.

(If you’re a Libertarian … well.  Your head’s probably exploding right now.  I should have redirected you to Ron Paul’s web site a few paragraphs ago.)


I guess what I’m saying is that “Pro-Life” is a crock if it doesn’t extend beyond being born.  The compassion and political passion that I hear for babies in the womb often seems to stop just outside the vaginal wall.

That’s pro-birth, not pro-life.

When I was in the emergency room last March I saw a U.S. soldier trying to get treatment for his pregnant fifteen year old little sister.  She didn’t have health care and his health plan didn’t cover her.  I wonder what they did.

If you’re going to encourage women and girls to have their babies, regardless of the circumstance, then you should be all about the quality of life for these children (whether they’re kept or put up for adoption).  If you want to make abortion illegal then you need to think about the resources necessary to raise all of the children that the government decrees.  That’s going to take effort, work and investment.  INVESTMENT.

And even sacrifice.


I forgot to mention that one of the reasons that European countries have such generous policies for parents is that they want to encourage a population increase.  As in America, at the current rates there aren’t enough people being born to support the aging population.  There won’t be enough people in the economy keeping it healthy and to “pay it forward”.

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