The Old Guard

Good news.  Bad news.  Bad news first.

Bad:  I do not like being cold and it has been very cold out.

Good:  It’s warm … compared to how cold it’s going to be in a day or two.  About twice as warm.

Pres. Obama and the Changing Face of Race

There was a time when you could picnic on the lawn of the White House.  Can you imagine?

Have you noticed that discussions and classifications about race are changing?  You can run across the redneckiest of rednecks and they’ll make a comment about Obama that is fair and insightful.   Like, I don’t agree with his policies but maybe he can turn things around.  If you grew up in a mostly residentially segregated area and time like I did, this is a shock.

Did that mullet-wearing, greasy haired, Black Sabbath T-shirt, confederate pickup truck window covered, redneck and proud of it dude just say he thought Obama might be an improvement?  Did I just hear that?

“Excuse me, sir.  Are you sure you didn’t mean to call me a nigger?”

“Nope.  Figure some change might do us some good right about now.”

“Really?  Oh.  Okay.  I was kind of expecting more of a — you know.  Some outward, passive aggressive show of bigo… you know what?  Nevermind.  You have a good day.”

I foresee a day when the Old Guard moves on to better things.  That’s what I call them.  The older generations whose struggles with race and racism have left them wounded and they can only see the world in those embattled terms.  But times are changing.

Black folk still see the world in black or white.  We’re still hung up and have a sense of entitlement about the travesties of justice and inhumanity over the past few centuries.  Justifiably so BUT that cycle of victim mentality has got to be broken.  And that kind of thing, healing from violation has to come from within.  No one can do that for you.  African Americans will still be calling for reparations and crying foul and meanwhile other minorities will be growing in numbers and political power.  This isn’t your grandfather’s USA, y’know.  Interracial people these days may not identify themselves in a way that fits conveniently on a government form.

I think I told you about the black guy on KPFA, who said about Obama’s election:  “It’s dangerous because just the other night I was talking to my young son and realized that I can’t tell him that he could never be president.”

In other words, you don’t like it becaaaause with a black president you can’t crush your children’s dreams with foreboding warnings of a country so racist that it would never elect a black president.  Hm.  Another dude actually said that Obama’s positive message is dangerous for people of color because if he gets elected people will mistakenly think that there’s nothing to fight against.

This is what I mean.  Those guys, the revolutionary ultra-liberal(?) crew, define themselves by their opposition to the status quo.  They like nothing more than to get harrassed by police officers for no good reason, or to protest and be brutalized by paramilitary crowd control tactics because that fits the world that they need in order to feel vindicated and validated.

The End of Racism?

I’m sure you’ve heard people on the news channels ask, “Does that mean that racism blah blah blah?”

Meanwhile, death threats pour in from around the country.  Hispanic immigrants probably aren’t entertaining that question, not to mention people of Middle Eastern descent.

For my Republican friends, if you wonder why minorities tend to vote for Democrats, please do not delude yourself.  Your party has a bad rap for a reason.  As an example, the racists whose radio show was recently syndicated and picked up by the Republican Radio Network.  I forgot the name of it and I don’t want to give them publicity, but I read their statement of principles and here’s a sample:

  1. America would not be as prosperous, ruggedly individualistic, and a land of opportunity if the founding stock were not Europeans.
  2. Since family is the foundation of any strong society, we are against feminism, abortion, and primitivism.
  3. We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.
  4. We are cultural conservatives because we have certain morals to which we adhere. We are against homosexuality, vulgarity, loveless sex, and masochism.

From one of their blog entries:

Merry Christmas! No “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Kwanzaa,” or any of the other politically correct seasonal greetings here.  America is a nation founded by and for European Americans whose primary religion is overwhelmingly Christian and we want to take the time to wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas at this very special and spiritual time of year for our People.

They spend most of their time publicizing and fixating on any crimes committed by black people.  They also claim that:

You can have diversity or law and order, but not both.

If you  listen to a number of right-wing radio hosts you will quickly hear the racist under- and over-tones.  And of course, if you point it out you’ll be accused of race baiting.  Same as acknowledging the concentration of wealth in the upper echelons and the diminishing power of the middle class will be called “class warfare”.  Not the actual siphoning of resources from the lower classes.  That’s not class warfare.  But talking about it is considered class warfare.

Anyway, I’m not pointing out that particular radio show to say, “Ah ha!  Racists!”    I am pointing out the increasing popularity of that radio show and others like it to one degree or another.

“Current Issues Facing the Family”

I was going to label this section “Scared Old White Men” but that’s not polite.  So “Scared Old Men” would do, but the label I used is the title of a recent Focus on the Family program guest hosted by a Christian radio talk show host.  He’s having a discussion with a few other older gentlemen and they discuss Obama (as a radical), abortion, gay marriage, hate crimes legislation, The Fairness Doctrine and so on.

Do these guys just walk around terrified all the time or what?  Pretty much every issue is the end of the world as we know it and Jesus is going to return to take Colorado Springs home to Heaven.  Haha.  Okay, that’s a little too sarcastic.  I’m sorry.

I like to  use a light, even coating of sarcasm.  Dripping with sarcasm is just ugly.  My bad.

What pricked my ears, though, is their statement that Liberals don’t value family like they do.  What does that mean exactly?  They envision themselves as pious protectors of all that is Norman Rockwellian while the morally defunct liberals wage a war against the nuclear family.  Them against us.

The Old Guard, see.

Be afraid of gays.  One of them actually said something about gay people wanting special rights for their “sexual conduct”.  The implication being that sexuality is just a whim of selfish, self-centered, rebellious, carnal hedonism.  Like, gays just want to do it in the butt for the heck of it and then get super citizen status so they can demand custody of your children.

It’s craziness.  Liberals this.  Liberals that.

Oh well.  What can you do, eh.  I really hope that this generation’s issues are being replaced by a more well-rounded sense of the world.  I hope that the neo-Evangelical Christians really do broaden the scope of our sense of morality.  Some are already on it.  Social, economic and environmental morality.  Yes we can.

the end

I just did all that writing but I’m so unfocused.  My brain hasn’t calmed down from work.  Too scattered.  In other words, I have no sense of the tone of what I just wrote.  Sarcastic, whiny, supercilious, dignified, cogent, tongue-in-cheek?  I have no idea.

But I’m going to work on some music tonight.  Writing.  Check.  Music.  Check.  Web design.  No check.  Not tonight.

Have a great night everyone.  Only a few more days.

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