Why the Inauguration is off limits.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome.  Happy Saturday.  Man, what a week.

So, beginning on Sunday I expect that Washington DC is going to be a very different venue.  I and a lot of others will be working from home on Monday and Tuesday.  Part of me wants to go hang out amongst all those revelers, but … it’s not for me.

Inauguration Web Site Info

No, I am not comfortable in extremely large crowds and no I am not comfortable standing shoulder to shoulder for hours on end.

I was thinking that I could make my way into the city just on the outskirts of the action, but it’s going to be like a police state — about 40,000 law enforcement personnel — in DC in order to control that many people and to keep things moving along.  Almost every route into the city is shut down.  Many metro stations will be closed or exit only.  There will be security zones and checkpoints and limited routes for getting around.  There’s a party at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday and every road and bridge leading to the memorial is closed.  Even parking at the Metro stations in the ‘burbs will be affected, changed, limited, restricted so my options are limited.

And it will take hours to get anywhere and get back.  I heard an estimate that if a million people were to use the metro to return home or to their cars, it will take eight hours to clear them all out.  Eight hours of sardine packed platforms and  motion sickness inducing train transportation.  So, unfortunately, I probably won’t make it.  If it turns out that the estimates are overblown, I’m there — maybe.  But considering that taking the metro may look like this, probably not.

Does that make you as squeamish as it does me?

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