Disgraced pastor Haggard facing new sex allegations – CNN.com

# Story Highlights

# Rev. Ted Haggard was fired after drug, male prostitute allegations in 2006

# Senior pastor tells CNN Haggard had sexual relationship with church volunteer

# Pastor says church reached settlement to keep 20-year-old from speaking publicly

# Man given money for college tuition, moving expenses and counseling, pastor says

via Disgraced pastor Haggard facing new sex allegations – CNN.com.

Now, really.  Could I pass this one up?

But first…

In a totally unrelated train of thought, what is up with Blagojevich?  Are all of these politicians self-involved a-holes?  Is that what it takes?

“If you think I’m doing something illegal then tap my phones or whatever you want.”

The very next week, he’s recorded trying to sell the senate seat.  “This is too good to give away for free.”

Legally, maybe the Justice Department moved too soon.  Apache Chief and Zan and Jane (with Gleek’s help) jumped the gun and nabbed him in the talk and planning phase.  Oh wait.  They’re in the Justice League, not the Justice Department.  Anyway, this dude and his hair are just — every reason to be cynical about politicians.  And then he’s got the nerve to wage a PR campaign.  Does that Democratic Party have any nads at all?  Impeach that foo’.


I suppose this isn’t really a surprise.  The question is, how many more are there?  Do you think his wife knew?  Will she write another letter of grace and forgiveness?

Other than reaching new levels of personal hypocrisy, there’s also the matter of the church.  Yes, that big ass church did what any bride of Christ would do in that situation.  They more or less legally bribed the dude to keep quiet.  That was sarcasm, by the way.  Corrupt bastards.  You’re not helping!

Pardon my tone, but as you can see, this stuff bugs me.  I mean, the overall arrogance.  The utter lack of humility and compassion from these hypocritical poo heads.

And aside from that, how is it that married ministers and even priests are getting more action than I am.  Well … let me qualify that.  Not saying that I want gay meth addled sex.  But in general, I mean.   What is going on in those seminaries?

Oh well.  I’m going to relax and cleanse my mind of the news of the day.  Join me, won’t you?

Wow.  Prince Yaphet Koto is in “Running Man”.  Your highness.  Really?

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