Random Stuff

King St. Metro Station

With mass transportation, you have to find your rhythm.   For those days when you try to minimize the waits, ensure you’ll have a seat (preferably facing forward and maybe even to yourself).

The last car of the Blue Line in the morning and evenings are your best chance for that.  So I usually walk to where the last car will be.  At the King St. Metro someone graffitied what you see in the pic to your left.

Yes, it says:

5 Poping

6 Droping

I don’t know what that means.  To pope.  To drope.  I assume it should say “5 popping, 6 dropping” and I still don’t know what that means.  Oh wait.  I’ll google and see what comes up.

Ooooooh!  It’s a gang thing.  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=5%20poppin%206%20droppin

But … don’t do an image search unless you want to worry yourself.

Mystery solved.


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