New Song: One More Quiet Night (feat. Karla Chisholm)

Man.  Karla.

I sent Karla an email to see if she could lay down some vocal tracks for me.  She said yes.  And it was sooner than I had expected.  I was recording some woodwinds when she left the message.

In other words, I had a lot of work to do last night.  So I managed to come up with a melody and lyrics in the wee hours for a few tunes.  Deadlines sure do inspire creativity sometimes.  This one is inspired by Corcovado.  Lyrics-wise, I think of it as the sequel.

But man.  Karla worked her magic on this one.  Listen to that voice and the delivery.

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  1. garyarthuryoung

    Ah, that’s better.

    I cleaned things up a little bit. Here’s a hint when attempting to sing. You can’t pronounce and enunciate like when you talk.

    If you sing the word “another” like “anooootherrrrr” like I did in the original background vocals it will sound crappy. You have to do it more like “anoooothaaaaah” or “anooooothaaaaaaer”.

    This version is also be a bit warmer and fuller than the last.

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