New Song: Current Affairs Pt. 1

My fingernails are very shiny. Darn Israeli salesman guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a “ghetto” setup for recording like I do, here’s a tip. If you’re recording with a mic, turn off the TV. Even if the TV is muted, it makes that distinctive cathode ray tube high pitched whine that the mic picks up somehow.

Todd G. mentioned that They make pre-fab and even portable vocal booths. Great idea. A little pricey, though. But I saw some other options. Damper screens. They sit behind the mic and absorb sound to help get a dry or more isolated sound, eliminating room ambience. And let me tell you. One bedroom apartment room ambience is not good recording ambience. (And apparently, compressing vocal tracks can actually enhance the room ambience sound in the track. Learn something new every day.)

Of couse, I don’t want to pay that much. Can I make my own?? These are clever.


Current Affairs Pt. 1

This one’s in progress. Just the beginnings of a tune. But do you want to hear something neat? Well, I think it’s neat. Sometimes — and it’s been a while — when I’m dreaming my dreams will have music in them. And even fewer times I’ll wake up with the dream song still in my head. And it doesn’t go away like when you try to remember your dreams and they just go poof. The music stays when it wants to.

And this songlet is the song I woke up with on Wednesday morning: the melody, bass line, implicit chords. Even bits of lyrics, although … dream lyrics are wacky. They usually don’t make much sense.

This one could be something some day. Soon.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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