Who Doesn’t Want to Look Good Naked

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My fingernails are still shiny.

I’m on vacation next week.  No plans.  I need some.

I bought a new digital video camera.  It’s nice.  Now all I need is something to film.  And some nice weather.  (The wind and rain over the past two days have blown away a lot of the cherry and magnolia blossoms, unfortunately.  At least where I live.  Maybe the ones around the tidal basin did a little better.)

I have an Olympus SP-570UZ I’d like to sell.  Anyone interested?

Internet Explorer 8.1 is going to support Firefox plugins.  That means Firebug support, to all you web designers and developers.  That is a very good thing.

Did you see this?


In the news this week there was a story about all diets being relatively equal.  The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat.

Speaking of which, I’ve discovered the perfect way to gain weight.  I think it’s going to force Project Bacchus to an early end.  I’ve been acquainting myself with various alcoholic libations.  Nothing like a few hundred extra empty calories close to bed time.  That’s going to have to end.

Time to kick the “Gain tremendous amounts of weight in record time” switch into reverse.  Let’s go, people!

Calorie Counting

I wanted to talk about the calorie thing a little bit.  Common sense will tell you that eating less calories than you burn is the basis for weight loss.  1lb. of fat = 3500 calories.  Eat 500 less calories a day and you’ll, in theory, lose 1lb. per week.  Simple enough.

But … it’s not that simple.  Not if you want to lose weight and be healthy.  I mean, that’s the foundation of any plan or method to lose weight but there’s more to it.  Here’s my reasoning.  I’ll start at the extremes.

Case 1

John eats 2,000 calories of bacon, beef and cheese every day.

Joe eats 2,000 calories of salad, nuts, soy products and supplements every day.

Who is going to feel better?  Who is going to be healthier after five years?

Case 2

Sue consumes 2,000 calories of reasonably healthy items throughout the day.

Sally fasts all day and consumes 2,000 calories of reasonably healthy items a half hour before going to bed.

Who’s going to be better off after five years of this?


Or let me put this another way.  Three guys own the same model of finely tuned sports car.  A gallon of gasoline equals about 31,000 calories.  The car’s tank can hold 15 gallons of gasoline.  15 x 31,000 = 465,000 calories.

Whenever Frank fills up the tank, he uses 465,000 calories of premium unleaded gasoline.

Whenever Fred fills the tank, he uses 465,000 calories of vegetable oil, which has about the same energy value as gasoline.

Whenever Franz fills the tank, he uses 465,000 calories of refined all-purpose sugar.

Which owner’s car will run better?  Which will last longer?  Which will explode and die or rattle to a premature permanent halt?

So when you’re counting calories, keep this in mind.  Quality is at least as important as quantity.  Whole grains.  Avoid processed, white foods.  Avoid refined sugars, corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.  Eat much less meat.  Eat much more vegetables and fruits.  There are lots of great, incredible dishes  that are as delicious as they are healthy.  And vice versa.

And exercise, exercise, exercise.  Do what I say.  Not what I do.  Because I mean to do what I say, but on my own it’s hard to work up the motivation for reasons beyond my understanding.  Exercise is the key.  You’ll have less food cravings.  You’ll sleep better.  You’ll feel better.

So join me in my quest to right this ship.  Let’s turn this puppy around and make a beeline for the Land of Looks Good Naked. Who’s with me!

Smoking is stupid

It is.  Quit it.  They should raise taxes on cigarettes by about $100 per pack.  The tobacco industry needs to be phased out.  They serve no purpose other than to distribute carcinogens throughout the population.  Maybe they could grow hemp or one of those fuel friendly crops instead.

Smoking isn’t a right.  A free choice, yes, but a free choice that pollutes the air and wherever butts are flicked, harms others and strains our already drowning health care system.

It’s not the freakin’ 1950’s.   There’s no confusion about the consequences.  You have to stand out in the cold or the heat.  You don’t look cool.  You look like a … like a dangerously obese person at an all you can eat buffet.  A sad, pitiable sight, an inexplicable sight.


Add Yours
  1. chivonmpj

    You have got a point there. We are in the days of extreme technology and information, ignorance can no longer be an excuse. It’s amazing how many people know better, want better, and still can’t do better.
    I am constantly dealing with people who complain about how they look and feel, when I suggest solutions I get the fake commitment speech.

    • garyarthuryoung

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Much appreciated.

      I think we’re on the verge of a health revival. I hope so.

      When people realize the state of our health care system and how important it’s going to be to be healthy — or else. That’s when it will become a social norm. Not just for yuppies and gentrifiers and Californians.

      A few more thoughts:
      To only count calories isn’t enough. It’s great but it’s just one part of the big picture. To only weight lift isn’t enough. It’s great but what about your heart muscle. To only do cardio isn’t enough. You can run 50 miles a week and still have damage, scarring and build up in your arteries.

      But the good news, in my mind, is that eating good food is downright enjoyable. Exercising is euphoric, especially with good friends (taking a walk, rollberblading, hiking, bike riding, soccer, basketball, dancing, tennis, etc.).

      I guess what I’m saying is that it’s part of a great life. It’s a major contributing factor to having a great life and it’s part of the every day routine if you want to have a great life — socially, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, physically.

      It’s the thing to do. It’s not drudgery or pain or a burden. It IS the quality in life.

  2. sadie

    Cigarettes are gross. I smoke once in a while, on a whim, if I’m drunk. The way one would smoke cigars. Three nights ago I smoked 2 cigarettes, and I can still literally taste it today, even after brushing, eating, sleeping etc. Igh….

    • garyarthuryoung

      Three nights ago? And you can still taste it?? Ugh.

      I know what you mean, though. Every once in a while when I’m hanging around the city and I’ve had a few drinks I like to lick fire hydrants. A nice, sticky fire hydrant lick is so relaxing….

      Haha. That’s kind of funny. And totally not true, by the way. I’m just being a butt. Hey, that’s a pun.

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