LGN Pt. 3: Nutrition Facts and Analysis

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Hanging out in DC again today.  This is funny.  My lower back has been killing me.  It happens every Winter.  I get sedentary, sitting at a desk or on the Metro or in a car or at home for about 12 hours a day and not exercising.  That makes for painful lower backness.

Wednesday I had my personal computer in a bag slung over my shoulder, walking from the Ballston Mall lot to the train.  Ouch.  Saturday I walked about 3 miles doing the cherry blossom thing.  Lower back on one side in particular.  A more defined area of discomfort.

Today, I walked another 3 miles or so.  No back pain at all.  Sweet.  Of course, doing domestic chores … back intensive, I guess?

Oh.  And I recommend wool socks if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking.  Perfection.

Nutrition Data

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, red.

Now this is pretty darn cool.  See, they need a mobile version.  And a way to import, export.  But for now, I likes.  Here’s a screenshot:


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