New Song: Night Song


This one’s just a little rough.  The time isn’t completely solid, you can hear a car horn in there somewhere.  The ventilation fan in the room is cranking away.

But this vocalist was outside my window last night keeping me awake at about 12:30 am.  I happened to have my iPhone sitting next to the bed and I’ve got Recorder on there.  So after some trial and error and a bit of patience I recorded the serenade.

I wanted to be annoyed, but it was so pretty and it had perfect “room” quality.  Reverberating in the area between buildings like a perfectly designed concert hall.

I got some video of the culprit today.  Not the best quality, but once I figure out what I’m doing I’ll have some short video-lets.

In case you’re wondering I did a tiny bit of processing on the “vocals”.  The pitches were about a quarter of a whole note outside of the western scales.  I adjusted it to fit in the scale (rather than retune the guitar ‘n junk).  But I did not adjust any of the timing.

Seeing it in Melodyne, there’s a lot of information in those notes.  A lot more than we hear or realize.  All the flips, trills, mordents and what not.  It’s amazing.

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