TEA Parties

I have something to say.

First, night after night of teabagging innuendo?  Come on.  One night, great.  Three nights?  Four nights?  A week (or weak)?  Not so much.  Hopefully, though, the point’s been made especially since there was an article on the Fox News website about other news channels innuendo humor.  What can you do, eh.  Counter-protest by BOFFing (Barack Obama FanFare)?

It’s not right-wingers’ collective fault that there is no more innocence and that the words teabag, steamer, Sanchez, Cincinnati, Cleveland, trombone, rusty, bow tie, chili dog, donkey, etc. have pornographic connotations.

Still can’t figure out why my Donkey Punch stand by the high school isn’t making any money.  Who doesn’t like a refreshing, thirst quenching ice cold Donkey Punch on a hot Summer’s day.

Demeaning, misogynistic porno slang shouldn’t be given mainstream credence, in my opinion.  But I guess it’s too late for that.  I mean, it’s so gross that it’s funny and therefore spreads like wildfire.

Oh well.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about politics.


I understand protesting against taxes, high taxes.  Unfair or unequally burdensome taxes.  Right?  That makes sense.  Even protesting against the complexity of the tax code.  It seems like our various governments take more and more just to maintain the status quo.  That doesn’t bode well and some of our tax based services are on the verge of collapse.

So protest.  Sure.

But taxation without representation?  Tyranny?  Progressives/liberals as fascists?  Obama as Hitler?  Liberal, radical Christian, Muslim, progressive, socialist, communist, fascist Nazi, wussy elitist tyrant Antichrist?

Are these people nucking futs?  Do they understand the meanings of words?  Are they just so desperate to rebrand the discussion in order to scare the hell out of people for the next midterm and general elections that they’ll say anything?

By the way, after conferring with a trusted advisor I’ve concluded that Glenn Beck is a crazy person.

I mean, how can you even begin to dispute propaganda when the audience is willfully manipulated.

“Manipulate us into a fervor of media-personality fomented fear and hatred!  It feels good!”

A new President took office in January not quite three months ago and these fools are calling for revolution.

First of all, how are they not being represented?  Taxation without representation.  They have the opportunity to vote.  They have two senators and a few congress persons.  Sorry, DC.  They partake of public schools, many or most of them, local, state and interstate highways, emergency services and so on.  There are primaries, multiple (thought not equally powerful) political parties.

Government representation does not mean that you’re guaranteed to have your personal views and agendas promoted.  There will be times when there are people in office whose political beliefs are different than your own.

It sucks, but that’s the nature of a republic.  And a society.

Scared Old Men

Aside from Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and sometimes O’Reilly, I’ve heard interesting statements from the likes of Pat Robertson and James Dobson.  They wear End Times colored glasses.  Everything is “the end of America”.  Bunch of Nationalistic Republican party diatribe.

You know how that report was released recently that said that we are in danger from attack from inside the country by right wing extremists?  It included anti-abortion, racist, and paramilitary (with mention of recent war vets returning who may have extreme views and military training) extremists.

Well, during a news segment about this on the 700 Club when the words “war veterans” were mentioned, they showed a clip of WWII vets.  And Pat Robertson railed and said how angry he was that veterans were being called terrorists and is giving out phone numbers so that people can flood government offices with angry, goofy invectives.  This is so disingenuous that … sigh.  But that’s how they do.

First of all, this worship of the military is not healthy.  And failing to recognize the hardships and turmoil, psychological as well as physical, emotional, and financial that sending our troops to war can cause or catalyze is an insult to their service.

Second, America was hit by two major, destructive, horrible, murderous terrorist attacks in recent times.  One was 9-11.  The other was the Oklahoma bombings committed by Timothy McVeigh and others.

There were two separate incidents where guys were arrested for claiming to have a plan to assassinate then-candidate Obama.  In both incidents, the guys were white supremacists.

These media conservatives like to sit on their sets and claim/pretend that America is a wholesome, snow white pure Rockwell painting being defiled by Liberals.  My people, black people, know differently.

We were terrorized by racist white terrorists for centuries.  And now their ilk and ideological descendants are economically depressed and generally mad as hell that there’s a black or even racially mixed President.  So don’t sit there and act like recognizing this reality is disparaging apple pie, baseball and hot dogs.


And what’s up with this secession talk?  What kind of childish bullcrap is this?  Three months of a new Democrat president and the governor of Texas is pandering to those who want to leave the United States of America and start their own country?  Really, Gov. Perry?

Raising taxes (or letting tax cuts expire) for the richest in the country by a few percent — back to Clinton era levels — and planning to cut taxes for the middle class is tyranny, socialism and fascism?

I mean, I understand anger about the bailouts.  The debt over the next few years is going to be obscene and will take decades to make right.  No doubt.  But how would that compare to a full blown depression.  Damned if we do.  Damned if we don’t.

But come on.  Okay.  I’m going to say something that is probably unfair and dickish.


If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the others and you believe them entirely, uncritically, then you’re an ignorant ass.  Same goes for Robertson and Dobson and their brand of media giants.  Bill Kristol with his PNAC and what not and Charles Krautheimer.  I don’t care that these guys are smarter than I am and more informed than I am.  Their world view, aside from being that brand of crypto-nationalistic militaristic Christianity, is fear based.  That’s the problem.

Fear will allow you to rationalize anything.  Torture, secret prisons, monitoring and wiretapping.  I mean, John Yoo can write a memo saying that it’s perfectly legal to crush a suspected terrorist’s child’s genitals with a hammer if the President orders it and these conservative Christian mouthpiece folks have nada to say.  Yes, he actually wrote that.  But repeal tax cuts and it’s tyranny and time to secede.

These guys may well be the nicest, sweetest guys in person.  I don’t know.  But their media empires are bile-filled pustules of purile fear mongering.  Jerks.

And that’s a shame because they discredit themselves.  Their audience has something to offer.  The views from the heartland are more than relevant.  It’s a good contrast to coastal city dwellers, y’know.  Conservativism provides a healthy balance for crazy ass ultra liberals/progressives and out of control political correctness.

Conservatives, as one example, don’t believe that the State or public schools should have more legal power over your children than you do.  They don’t believe that midde schoolers should be taught about fisting and rimming.  They believe that children should be taught reading, writing and arithmetic and that values should be taught at home and in the community.  Er, more or less.  In theory, they don’t believe that the government should have a less responsible budget than, say, I do.  They believe in some sense of personal accountability and responsibility.

There’s an element of common sense in the ideals of Conservativism.

They are not at all represented by the FNC crew.

Okay, I’m tapped out.  Comments, corrections?


“T” Thyme
B Sharp Jazz Quartet

Follow Me
Pat Metheny

Big Time
Peter Gabriel

Synchronicity II
The Police

Dusty McNugget
Brad Mehldau

Doctor My Eyes
Jackson Browne

Stone Temple Pilots

It’s Not
Aimee Mann

If You Love Me

How Do I Love Thee
Queen Latifah

Glen Hansard

Are You Going With Me?
Pat Metheny w/ Anna Maria Jopek

B Line

Two Princes
Spin Doctors

Don’t Make Me Wait

In My Life Today
Lenny Kravitz

Zero 7


Walking Man
James Taylor

We Fall Down
Donnie McClurkin

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