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Hey, everybody.

This is another political opinion blog.  Something tells me that there are better things I could be doing with my time but sometimes you just have to get it out of your system.

DHS Report on Right-Wing Extremists

Check this out.

What you  may not have known — what I didn’t know — is that there were two reports.  In February a report on left-wing extremists was released.  Then there was this recent one about right-wing extremists.  And apparently, both were requested by the Bush Administration.  I suppose people may have issues with the language or wording but … hey.  As someone said, if this clumsily worded (especially given the sensitivity and military idolizing in certain segments of our political spectrum) document alerts law enforcement officials and keeps them on their toes regarding the internal radical, extremist and paramilitary organizations then kudos.

Pat Robertson — I know, I know.  Why do I watch his show if it bugs me so much.  Good question.  Anyway, he said the other day in front of a live studio audience that he was outraged and that we should all be outraged by this memo attacking conservatives and war veterans.

“The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to defend America.  Not attack it.”

That’s what he said.  What a boob.  Apparently, Pat and others don’t realize that there’s a difference between political and social conservatives and complete nut jobs.  There’s a marked difference between people with strong and outspoken opinions and people who blow s— up.  And yes, that line can be crossed.  And that, to me, is what that memo is about.  What those memos are about, I should say.

Self analysis is not akin to treason.  Introspection does not equal self destruction.  You look within at your own flaws to make yourself stronger, more stable, more secure.  So that you’re more able to withstand attacks from external sources.

What part of that concept is hard to understand?

Ramping Up the Rhetoric

These religious guys get me the most.  And if you know me by now, you know I don’t have anything against religion other than it’s abuse.  The same can be said for politics, power, money, guns, etc.  But I don’t like disingenuous jagoffs who hide behind some sense of smug moral superiority while they play the partisan game.

Focus on the Family had a show on about the abortion and claimed that Obama is the most pro-abortion President since … whoever or whenever.  Then they talked about the DHS Report and Dr. James Dobson said the following.  Oh.  The context of the conversation is about Pres. Obama repealing(?) the conscience clause and Christian conservatives saying that many doctors will leave the profession if they’re forced to perform procedures against their will.

“I just think of the mantra from the last campaign that President Obama was going to bring us together.  Guess how?  They’re going to eliminate anyone who disagrees.”


Of course they’re talking abortion in this case.  I don’t know if the legislation or statement in question would force a doctor to perform an abortion.  But in order to challenge myself when I was thinking about the issue — a gedunken experiment — I thought, what if the procedure in question were female genital mutilation.  What if, in some alternate universe, there was a rule about doctors not being able to refuse removing a girl’s clitoris.

What should the doctor’s rights/options be?


Did you hear about the Miss USA contestant from California who was asked about gay marriage?  Those contestants were asked some tough questions.  That’s new.  Maybe they should kickbox, too.  I bet that even if they had to knife fight they’d still have big, dazzling smiles and their swimsuits wouldn’t ride up their butts.

Anyway, Miss California said that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman but that what’s great about America is that — I’m paraphrasing — you don’t have to agree with her opinion and that’s okay.  That’s kind of the same thing that Pres. Obama said.

Seeing clips on the news, I think it was a fair response.  A nuanced, intelligent response.  “I believe this.  I know it’s not popular, but I respect other opinions about it.”

The intolerance of which I speak is those of the gay marriage supporters in this case. Or the gay judge.  Did it cost her the pageant?  I dunno.  I kind of don’t care, really.  But I do think she got a raw deal.   Of course, now she’s going to be famous and she’s going to be a fixture on Christian talk shows so I don’t feel too bad for her.

Tolerance is a two way street.  Tolerating something is NOT the same as condoning it.

Do you find yourself hating someone who is against gay marriage?  Do you think they’re unintelligent or backwards or ignorant?

Like looking in a mirror.  Everybody thinks they’re better than everyone else.


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