Streaming Consciousness: LGN 6

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Throwing the trash into the dumpster yesterday morning, apparently I got some kind of dumpster liquid on my hand.  Got back in the car and raised my hand to adjust my glasses and I was like, “Whoa!  What  is that smell??”

It smelled like … like … like someone barfed on poo and let it sit out in the sun for a while.

And I had no way to wash my hand until I got to work.

One of my cousins sent me photos that she took with her fancy digital soul stealing photographing device, i.e. her digital camera.  Very high resolution.  She had pics of me and Leika.  And all I could think of when I saw them was, my god I’m a fat bastard.

It’s ridiculous.  Seriously.  I’m disgusted with myself.  And I wonder why I’ve got no game with the ladies.  How come you can get that overweight and not see it until you see a picture of yourself?  Luckily, I’m already planning out my weight loss or food relating plan.  It’s a long term project.  Those pictures she took — I consider them the “before” pictures.

Tangential Recommendation

As many of you may have seen or not seen in my Facebook status I thoroughly enjoyed Monsters vs. Aliens in IMAX 3D.  It was amazing.  They use polarizing 3D glasses.  No more red and blue lenses and weirdly colored effects.  This is full color, 21st century top of the line computer animation and it’s wild.

Like I told someone, people in the theater must have thought I had some kind of mental syndrome because for the first half hour of the movie I was constantly taking the glasses off and putting them back on.

Unfortunately, it’s showing at less and less theaters so go see it while you have the chance.  Now I’m psyched for all of these other 3D movies coming out.  It’s like a plague of 3D faddiness.  But it’s too cool so I’m in.

So the good news is that even if you miss this one there will be others.

Of course, now I’m upset that I didn’t see Coraline (IMAX 3D) when I had the chance.  I’m thinking of taking a road trip to New York to see it ’cause the only places it’s playing are in Las Vegas, Seattle and New York.

My Secret

I told you about the iPhone app “Lose It”, right?  It’s an app that lets you log your meals and calories.  When you first set it up it asks you how much you weigh, how old you are, how much weight do you want to lose, and how many pounds do you want to lose per week (.5, 1, 1.5, 2).

Then it calculates your daily calorie budget based on your goal and tells you when you’ll reach that goal.  In my case, I want to lose forty pounds, one pound per week, which puts me into next February.

As of Monday morning I’ve lost 6 lbs. so far.  That felt good.  I don’t feel any lighter or slimmer but that’s okay.  Plus, I know how this goes.  You lose a good deal of weight at first and then plateau.  I’m ready for it.

Besides, this isn’t about some fad.  It’s not a gimmick.  It’s not water weight or sweating the weight off.  It doesn’t require starving yourself or denying yourself.  It doesn’t require unsustainable amounts of workout discipline.  It’s not about tricking your body into an altered chemical state.

All you need to do is to be mindful of what you’re eating.  That’s where keeping a food or calorie journal comes in.  I bought an $8 food scale so I could try to get an idea of how much food I’m eating, then I look it up online.  (I use those google search terms like “convert 4 ounces to tablespoons” or whatever I need so I can find the calories involved.)

It does require some control and the discipline to  log your calories … and a fair amount of self-forgiving.

I’ve just been going by calories so far.  I haven’t  paid a whole lot of attention to the quality of those calories.  Yet.  Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no.  That’s phase 2.  And I haven’t gotten into the swing of working out or biking yet either.  Long walks, yes.  More intense aerobic exercise, soon.  That’s phase 2 and 3.

The world is against you

Just remember this.  It seems like everyone is against me.  By everyone, I mean our society.  I can eat a fast food meal and have more sodium and fat than I should have in two days.  Add a dessert and that one meal is more food than I should eat all day.


So I could eat half of a 2000 calorie appetizer and then the entree and feel drowsy and crappy for two days OR I could eat half of a refreshing, juicy, sweet cantaloupe — 100 calories — and feel full to bursting.

Drink juice?  Soda (I usually don’t)?  Beer or wine?  Each glass with ice is probably between 150 and 180 calories.  Two glasses of juice with a meal?  Let’s call it 300 calories.  Do that three times a day and you’re in trouble.

Basically, what I’m saying is, things add up.

Google “nutrition data” and the restaurant you plan on going to or the meal you plan on having.  You’ll see what I mean.

These restaurants and fast food places are trying to kill you.  They want you dead.  That’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain why they market and produce food the way they do.  That or they also have stock in hospitals, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

What it’s about

Before I go to bed I wanted to say one more thing.

For me, it’s not about cheating myself out of quality of life measured in terms of rich food and drink.

It’s about NOT cheating myself out of quality of life measured in terms of health, longevity (Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise), energy and clear-headedness.

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  1. Kitrics Food Scale

    I’ve had this scale for 4 months and I have lost 35lbs. I was really clueless about portion size until I got this scale. In the beginning, I used it all the time, keeping a cumulative daily total. Since I was trying to keep at 60%-20%-20% balance of carbs, fat, protein it was invaluable because I could see what I needed to get to the end of the day and stay within my diet. Believe it or not, that often meant at the end of the day I had leeway to have a (small) treat, which has kept me sane.

    Now that I’ve had it for a while, I don’t run daily totals, but I still use it all the time for accurate portion sizes. The manual gives instructions clearly and it is short — but do be prepared to spend about 10 to 15 minutes learning to use the scale. Once you get it, it is easy.

    I’ve entered in about 25 entries for food items that are not programmed in already. Entering them is easy. The code book is plastic so it won’t get ruined by water. The scale is excellent for weighing mail, too.

    The auto-shut off will save batteries and still gives you plenty of time to dig around in the fridge and chop something up.

    Here are the reasons I did not give it 5 stars: The display could use more contrast as it is a bit dim. Every time you push a button, there is a loud beep noise. It can’t be turned off. The book with the list of food codes is not in any sensible order and it has too many codes most adults don’t need, like candy bars and processed foods. A condiment section would have been helpful instead of having to find mayo in one place, mustard in another, and I have yet to find ketchup.

    I would totally overlook most of the above to give this product 5 stars, except for that infernal beeping.

    I could not have had the success I’ve had without this scale! I never pay expedited shipping for anything, but I did for this and I am glad!

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