The week in review: Notre Dame, Abortion, Abuse

Hey, y’all.

I have a few random thoughts.  This is going to be very “stream”.

How come animals don’t need to wipe when they poo?  Dogs, cats, rabbits, ovines, bovines, etc.  They poop pellets or nuggets or turds.  Whatever you want to call them.  And they don’t require wiping … back there.  How come people do?

[somehow this blog entry — well, i made myself mad while i was writing it.  so i end up verbally attacking conservative catholics and the catholic church.  i’m not proud of that.  but there it is.]


I signed up on Twitter.  I don’t get it.  But I really like the layout of the Twitterific iPhone app so I signed up.  Facebook statuses, to me, are a good balance.  Glimpses into the doings of people you care to keep up with.  Like a one to three sentence micro blog.  But for some reason, Twitter just gives me a case of information overload.  Soon as you follow a few people or streams or whatever they’re called in Twit-speak.  I haven’t quite managed it yet.  But here’s the first thing I want to tweet.

I was reading some of a friend’s tweets about Obama speaking at Notre Dame.  And I discovered that “#” before a word means it’s a tag.  You click it and see what other people have to say about the same thing.  I was shocked by the running commentary negativity and hatin’.  It bugged me, but hey.  You know.  Then I saw this in the news yesterday:

And I thought, wait a minute.  How come the President of the United States of America speaking at a Catholic school causes all of this outrage re: abortion, but institutionalized child abuse and rape … I ain’t heard jack squat?!

Because of all of this, I’ve been thinking about abortion.  Chances are you won’t agree, but these are my opinions. I didn’t hear Obama’s speech, by the way, except for a few short clips.  I say that because I want you to know that I’m not blipping off talking points or anything like that.


I don’t know when life begins.  Biologically, it begins at conception, obviously.  But does a two-celled zygote have the same awareness, consciousness, sensory perception as a 2 month old fetus or a 4 month old fetus or a 9 month old fetus?  And by fetus I mean a baby in the womb.

What’s the legal boundary now?  Three months?  When does a life have value?  What’s the tipping point?

Eliminating Abortion

But here’s the thing.  Abortion isn’t going to be outlawed anytime soon.  Even if it were illegal, women, as they’ve done in the past, will find a way to terminate a pregnancy.

If you are intensely anti-abortion — “pro life” — then you need to ask yourself a question.  What will stop women from wanting and having abortions?  If you acknowledge the fact that you will not entirely eliminate abortion, then what will bring those number down to an absolute minimum?

Our laws, our culture, our work-related practices and morays are anti-birth.  If your path in this society is to go to college, get a degree or grad degree, work your way up the ladder and continue to further your education, then the last thing a woman will want is to get pregnant.  Aside from the fact that it will often derail a woman’s professional life, the costs are outrageous.  I have friends who had babies within the past two years or so.  I’m rude enough to ask them if/when they’re going to have another.  They all look at me like I’m crazy.  When I tell them I’m serious they educate me about the medical expenses and living expenses and education expenses and day care or nanny expenses.

These are very intelligent, upwardly mobile, educated, responsible, loving, compassionate, successful, wonderful people/parents.  Yet they dread the logistics and struggle of what another child would mean.

If you want to  eliminate abortions then you have to make this world a good, viable, attractive option for a woman who has a tough choice to make.  The adoption process is difficult from what I understand.  There are still many children who may never be adopted.  Our social services are often lackadaisical, beauracratic and robotic.  There are horror stories about group and foster homes. Not all of them, of course.  But too many.

Are we supposed to entrust our orphans and up-for-adoption children to the churches — the Catholic Church?  From Australia to Ireland to Canada and everywhere else, we see over and over how that goes.  That article made me so friggin’ mad.  I mean, the ugly irony.  Don’t use contraceptives.  It’s a sin.  No abortions.  It’s the sin of murder.  Trust your unwanted children with us.  And then … we may beat and rape them mercilessly for years on end.  Grrrrrr.


Our public schools are — I don’t know.  There are a lot of schools out there that have fallen through the cracks, taking the kids with them.  So if you want to try to ensure educational excellence you may be talking private or charter schools.  You may be talking big bucks: $10,000 – $20,000 a year.  How in the world does anyone afford that and a car and a house?

How’re you going to work if you have a baby?  What if the father leaves or is still in school or is a deadbeat?

What if your community rejects you for, say, being pregnant and not married?

What if the churches and other community institutions don’t support and cater to single mothers?

What if all you see around you is poverty, incarceration and death?

More than Morality

In my mind, abortion isn’t simply a matter of morals or religous ethics.  It’s a reflection of our society.  Do I think our society is a good, nurturing environment to have and raise a child?  Can I have a child and continue my education and be a competitive prospective employee?  Can I have a child and ensure that child a healthy, loving, nurturing home?  Will I be healthy, loved and nurtured in order to provide the same for my child?

We don’t support mothers.  We don’t educate mothers.  We don’t provide services and health services, counseling and edification.  It’s like we don’t care.

If you want to eliminate abortions you have to show the same outrage and indignation and activism for injustices against the born as for the lives of the unborn.

I’m going to pick on the conservative Catholics because of this Notre Dame controversy.  I’m disgusted with you right now.  Apparently, you don’t give a crap about children after they’re born.  Not as an institution.  When it comes to protecting them and then righting the wrongs after you’ve turned your heads, you try to sweep it under the rug as quietly as possible.  And you damn well don’t give a rat’s ass about grown children, because you don’t seem to care one way or the other about torture.  Torture!!  Then again, if you’ll enable the torture of children what can we expect?


Oh.  This really wasn’t supposed to be a big “issue” blog.  Much less “stream” then I thought.  So it goes.

Comments and conversations are always welcomed and appreciated.



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