Accused Abortion Doctor Killer Claims More Violence Is Planned – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

Accused Abortion Doctor Killer Claims More Violence Is Planned – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

Hey, Sean Hannity and the like, isn’t this a ticking time bomb scenario?  According to some, shouldn’t the authorities be in the right to torture this guy?  Ship him off to Guantanamo or a black site prison for “harsh interrogation” and indefinite detention until he spills the beans on planned attacks and collaborators?

The news is getting really weird lately.  There’s just too much stuff going on.  It’s like being emotionally unstable from article to article.  I’m appalled, challenged, confused, titillated, indignant, under-informed, scared, grossed out.  It’s just nutty.

I need to do a news/media fast.  I almost did while I was on vacation.  Almost.  Darn cable TV.

Anyway, the recent domestic terrorism — if you want to call it that — incidents have really added a twist to the mix.  Oh, check this out.  From the June 2nd ep. of the Rachel Maddow Show:

MADDOW:  Back in April, the Department of Homeland Security was lambasted by conservatives for publishing a report on the potential for violence from right-wing extremist groups.  It was the Bush administration that had actually commissioned the report and they had done one on the potential for violence from left-wing groups, too, but that did not stop conservatives from getting very, very angry about that report.

At least three Republican members of Congress, Michele Bachmann, John Carter, and Michael Burgess said that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano should resign for having issued that report.  Republican Minority Leader John Boehner said that report meant that Napolitano had an awful lot of explaining to do.

That report actually warned for the potential for violent behavior from far right-wing groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion.  DHS got even more specific in March, warning about, quote, “antiabortion extremism” groups and “sovereign citizen movement” such as a group called the “Freemen.”

We know now the man who is the chief suspect in the killing of Dr.  George Tiller was reportedly associated both, with extremist anti-abortion groups and with the sovereign citizen movement known as the Freemen.

Still think Janet Napolitano ought to resign for that outrageous warning about guys like Scott Roeder?

I think that our law enforcement officials are going to have to step up and follow through on all of these domestic nutjobs.  Scott Roeder and that recent Islam convert guy who shot the soldier at a recruitment center both had run-ins with the law.  And federal authorities were aware of them.

Craziness.  Alright.  I’m procrastinating and time is flying.  Music music music.  Web site web site web site.


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