Potter’s House 6/19 Gig: Recordings

Thanks to Todd Marcus for recording the gig.  I intentionally left my recorder at home because it’s distracting to be worrying about recording your gig when there’s a zillion other things running through your mind.  Todd was like, “Yeh, I know how it is.  I’ll record it for you.”

So … this is what I love about music.  With a little preparation and forethought, when you get great musicians together something magical happens.  There was no rehearsal.  In fact, I had never met Quineice, Amin, or Steve before.  I didn’t even know what they looked like before Friday night.  And Harry I only met once before, which was Tuesday night at Blues Alley.

And even more amazing to me is that this was the first time EVER that these tunes were played live.

Excellent job, lady and gentlemen: Quineice Clarkson, Todd Marcus, Harry Appelman, Steve Zerlin, Amin Gumbs.  Absolutely brilliant.

“Liberated Muse: Prologue” Live

Download – Right Click and “Save (Link) as…”

Quineice really brought this song to life with her lyrics.  About a half hour before we played she said, “Everyone is singing songs about freedom.  I think I know what I’m going to do.”

And the band laid it down just like I imagined it.  Better, actually.  Listen to Todd soaring on the bass clarinet and Steve is singing on his bass.  I should have made sure he had a solo that night.  Next time.

“Butterfly” Live

Download – Right Click and “Save (Link) as…”

So out of tune on that first phrase.  Oh well.  The one thing I forgot to bring was ear plugs.  Not for volume, but to put in one ear so that I could hear/feel my voice.  Practice, practice, practice.

Check out Amin’s groove on this one.  It is tight.

“The Artist” Live

Download – Right Click and “Save (Link) as…”

Again, you can’t hear the vocals at all.  I don’t know why.  Todd had adjusted the mic so it was right in front of me.  Maybe I wasn’t close enough?  Or my Nick Drake vocal volume was  probaby hard to pick up.  I bet whenever Hook tried to up the volume he got feedback.

Another lesson learned.

Check out Harry’s Rhodes solo.

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