LGN 8: T-Minus 20 and Counting


Oh, you thought I’d fallen off the wagon, didn’t you.  It’s okay.  You can admit it.  But no!  Don’t call it a comeback!  I’ve been here for years!

I’ve shed about 20 lbs. since I started my LGN plan on April 4, 2009.  That’s half way to my goal for the completion of phase 1, to be 40 lbs. lighter by February 2010.  Maybe I should just push that back to my birthday and see if I can get a few more pounds out of it.

I did cheat a little bit when I weighed myself last.  It was within 48 hours of going mountain biking.  I always weigh a few pounds less after an intense workout like that.  So there may be a pound or two, give or take.  But I don’t care.  And I won’t tell you (or myself) if that peak weight low is off.  I’m going to roll with it.

Like I said, mind games are allowed as long as they work in your favor.

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Now, the less than ideal angle is that 20 lbs. is a lot of weight and yet that’s just getting me to that stage where people say, “Oh yeh, you do look like you’ve lost a little” after you tell them that you’ve “lost” weight.

In other words, 20 lbs. and it’s just getting to be visible.  So I’ve still got a ways to go before I get to that, “Oh wow, you look great!  What have you been doing?” stage.  And longer still before, “Hey, give me a call some time.”

One week at a time, though.  One day, one meal, one snack.

My daily calorie allotment is still about 2200 calories so it’s pretty easy.  Make one or two smart choices each day and it doesn’t take any effort, really.

FYI:  Just about everything I eat is whole grain of some sort, whether it’s bread, cookies, pasta, etc.  I use agave nectar, which has a lower glycemic  index compared to sugar, corn syrup, etc.   I eat less than I did, which I assume is a natural response of trying to consume a responsibly moderate number of calories per day.

However, an occasional food freak out is allowed, welcomed and sometimes planned.  Famous Dave’s is the ish.

I like to run.

Nevermind that I don’t do it enough.  The downside of running is that it’s an intense physical activity so as much I like to run, after a few seconds of all-out sprinting the lack of oxygen and excess of lactic acid … well, you know how it goes.

You know, it’s hard to write when you’re listening to the Notorious B.I.G. rap about gunning somebody down.  Not even sure why/how this is on my iPod.  Heavy.

I’d go hiking with a friend and every time we’d get to an incline with a peak in sight, she’d see me stop walking and look at it and she’d say, “Don’t do it.”

“Don’t do what?”




‘Cause I love to run up hills.  Quicker that way.  Of course, I’d be trying to catch  my breath for the next week, but you know what?  It’s worth it.

Oddly, I don’t like jogging outside.  Not sure why that is.  I like the treadmill, though.  My new thing is to always have an incline.  Usually 1% minimum.  Jogging/walking on an incline really ups the calories burned and, I think, prepares you for the real world.  The real world ain’t flat.

Mainly, I walk/jog/run to prepare me for mtn biking.  I went the other weekend and my legs felt great.  Aerobically, not quite happening.  Dang it.  There’s not much more risky than mountain biking when you’re tired/winded and especially when it’s damp out.

This is why my bike is in the shop getting the shifter and rear derailleur replaced and why my leg looks like I was brutalized by a wolverine.  Because Mr. WetLog and his friend Sir BigPointyRock sensed weakness and dealt me a terrific mauling.

So my workouts now include intervals.  Those hurt, by the way.

I’m frustrated now, though.  I hurt my leg throwing a football around.  I slipped mid-throw.  Didn’t fall.  Caught myself.  But the next morning a singular muscle in my leg was painful and swollen.  One muscle.  I can tell you exactly which one, because the soreness is anatomically precise: sartorious.

It hurts considerably to walk.  I think it’s getting better now.  I’ve been eating a little more protein, taking ibuprofen.  I should soak.  Man I wish I had a soaking tub or hot tub.  Some day.

Anyway, I think I had a point.  Nope.  I don’t.

So the other thing I do … well, I heard this story about a morbidly obese man who was suicidally depressed, right.  He decided that he’d kill himself so he went out and ran as hard as he could.  Didn’t kill him but you know how over exertion feels.  It makes you feel like you’re going to drop dead.   He kept doing it.  Ultimately, he lost a lot of weight.  I don’t know how the rest of his life went after that.  Maybe he’s a thin, depressed jogger whose only solace is the endorphins of a late night run.  Better than donuts.   But who knows.  If I find out, I’ll let you know.

I’ve been trying to channel my recent social implosion into exercise.  Intervals.  When I feel like I can’t go on or the incline is killing me, I think of … I think of things I could have done differently.  Or maybe when I achieve my goal of LGN my social shortcomings won’t be an issue.   And I run faster and harder.   I use it.

On the weight lifting machines, that’s a great time and way to expel all that inner rage, anger and depression.  Other day I hefted my max (which is pitifully low) twice.  Fueled by frustration.  But then …

Wynton Marsalis’ “Sunflowers” came on the iPod and that song is a joy giver.  Ever since the first time I heard it driving across the country through Tennessee just after sunset, all of the 18-wheelers lit up in the night like jellyfish.  And I visualized that the weight was being lifted for me.  Like the Universe was on my side spotting me.  Lifted my max three times.

Or I pretend that I’m running to be invited to a Descontrol after-party.  Or that a beautiful woman is waiting for me at the top of a hill with a Woodchuck Draft Cider and a “The Mighty Boosh” DVD.  And a little bacon, maybe.  No.  A Gulden Draak.  And that makes me determined and cracks me up.   Have you ever exercised and laughed at the same time?  Like, workout while listening to something funny and preferably uplifting?  It’s an amazing feeling.  Talk about feel good chemicals.  Sweet Jeebus!

You have to try it some time.  I used to workout in the fitness room to episodes of “Family Matters”.  Oh man.  What a rush.

Anyway, it’s time for me to start packing up here.   Bought a suitcase into the office today.  One more day.

Have a great day, everyone.  Get out there and exercise with me.  In spirit if not in person.


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  1. bbebop

    great post that resonates a lot right now. i’ve lost almost 20lbs in the past three months with many, many lbs and miles to go before i reach my goal. walking instead of running due to knee surgeries, but when i reach my goal, i hope to start running again. i used to love running, think i still do, but don’t want to be suicidal, ya dig?

    anyway, i’ve been listening to podcasts from thejazzsession.com and they’ve been cool. i’ve learned amazing stuff (like bud shank’s contributions to bossa nova) and found some great new music (like avery sharpe’s latest cd). highly recommended!

    • garyarthuryoung

      Avery Sharpe, aye? Noted.

      I hear you. I’d rather run to live than run to die.

      My knees have been bothering me a little. More than a little. That’s an additional reason I knew it was time to get serious or motivated about slimming down. Being overweight is tough on the joints and I want to keep this machine running smooth and clean while I own it. I figure that being able to hear my knees — like, through bone conduction — is not a good sign.

      The warranty runs out at about 30 years, I’ve decided. I was cheap and didn’t get the extended warranty so it’s time to get busy.

    • garyarthuryoung

      Thanks, Maggie.

      In the tag cloud to the right of the blog (if you’re seeing it on WordPress) click ‘LGN’ and that should give you all my health/fitness related blogs. You can avoid my usual stream of consciousness rambling.

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