MP3s: Liberated Muse 9/11 @ the Potter’s House

PottersHouse.09112009Here are the four tunes I have recorded at my gig at the Potter’s House last Friday night.  The playlist mode is so you can listen and enjoy as you read this.  Or laze around sipping on your beverage of choice.



As always, there was so much talent at the Potter’s House the other night it was amazing.  Many thanks to and much appreciation for Khadijah aka Moon.  She is all kinds of awesome and is a force of a nature — in the best of ways.  Keep it up.

It’s an honor to participate in these events.

With this band you’ve got the wind at your back.

  • Lyle Link – Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
  • Todd Marcus – Bass Clarinet
  • Harry Appelman – Keys
  • Steve Zerlin – Bass
  • Amin Gumbs – Drums

And I was on guitar.  As I said at the gig, with these guys I could stand up there all night in front of them, play one note and the audience would walk away thinking I was the best guitarist in the world.

I’ve pointed out some highlights below.  Just things I noticed here and there that stand out.  But these guys were working it all night.  Steve turned all of those one chord jams and various vamps into lyrical music.  And Harry provided all kinds of color, texture and comping.  Amin is rock solid.  He’s like a library of grooves and feels and it all happens right when and how it should.

I point out the rhythm section because the horns and vocalists and such have a lot of visibility when the rhythm section sometimes doesn’t get its props.

When ft.  Quineice (4:26)

Download (right-click this link and “Save as…”)

  • Tenor sax and bass clarinet together are like two brothers.
  • 0:40 – Lyle breaks out the flute.  Such a nice texture.  I’ll have to remember that.
  • 4:15 – The guitar and flute do a fill at the same time and you hear those voices blend.  Nice.

The Toad Wants to Be a Prince (Solos) (4:04)

Download (right-click this link and “Save as…”)

This came off even better than I had hoped.  Alas, the gods of recording-your-own-gig are fickle and have a cruel sense of humor so, of course, the H2 ran out of space about 8 measures before the charted/”orchestrated” melody — the highlight of the song.  So it goes.

  • Check out Amin on this one.  He is a beast! (It got even better during the part of the song that didn’t make it to the recording.)
  • Todd and Lyle solo together up front.
  • 2:25 – The Rhodes solo over the crunchy atmospheric guitar is pretty sweet.

The second half of the song kind of goes like this (the sample I made for the band):

Except it sounded a hundred times better with real musicians playing real instruments and making something beautiful out of it.  How Amin played the DnB groove and rocked all the highs and lows, I don’t know.  But he did.

Mr. Crazy ft. Quineice (4:32)

Download (right-click this link and “Save as…”)

Q is amazing.  I’ve got to fess up here.  We pushed the tempo on this one but Q took that and turned it into energy.  You go, girl.

You Don’t Know What Love Is/I Dream ft. Ozara Ode (12:54)

Download (right-click this link and “Save as…”)

Lord have mercy.  What can I say about Ozara.

  • 5:17 – Check out Todd’s solo and the interplay with Ozara.
  • 6:06 – Ozara breaks it down. Yes she does.
  • 7:08 – Poetry
  • 7:20 – Todd doubles the bass line.
  • 10:52 – The horns lay down some harmonized pad.
  • 11:54 – Check out Lyle’s soprano sax solo as we take the song out.
  • 12:20 – Soprano sax and distorted guitar.  I dig it.

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