Thanksgiving – New song: “Gasoline”

I feel lucky in many ways.  For many reasons. Family.  Friends.  Thankful is a good word for it.  Shout-out day, as Khadijah called it in her blog.  And for those aspects of life that are more elusive, the ability to create.  It saves me.

Here’s a new one with my signature tempo pushing and flawed intonation.  But I like it.   Is it ghetto that I was laying in bed when I recorded the guitar/voice?


To be honest, when I write tunes and sing on them what I really want is for a vocalist to interpret it.  I know many.  I’ll probably fix up the intonation later.  This was meant to be a roughie but I put a little more polish on it because … it flowed that way.

You look
Like you like playing with fire
You look
Like you’re having fun

When she kisses you
Does it douse the flame like water
Or does it burn like gasoline
Does it burn
Will it burn me

You look
Like you’ve been playing with fire
You look
Like you’ve got healing to do

Will time
Wash away the pain
Or will it burn like gasoline
Oh, it burns
Oh, it burns me

It reminds me of Jobim kind of.  Lilting, relaxing music with disarming lyrics.  I love it when they flow.  When you tinker with some chords, get a sliver of an idea and the next thing you know something is there.  Like it chose you.

I suppose I really need to do something with all of this music, huh.  It’s about time.  Make an actual CD?  Put it on iTunes?  Something.  That’ll be a goal for early 2010.


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